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It’s been a crazy few days, trying to get things ready for Christmas before we headed out to my parents’ place in the country. And finishing up Kindy for the year (how did that even happen?!). And trying my hardest to crochet a custom order for a good friend to give as a present. All while my two year old decided to be a textbook two year old and be EXTREMELY clingy and cantankerous.

I didn’t get the crochet done in time (thankfully my friend doesn’t mind it being late) and packing wasn’t really stressful because I literally just threw things into the suitcases with no rhyme or reason. Pretty sure I’ve forgotten a bunch of stuff but I just don’t care (this could also be thanks to the meds I’m on these days…).

But we’re here now, with my sister and her daughter over from Perth. My oldest is currently in bed with her four-year-old cousin after spending the day playing like they hang out all the time. They came out together with my sister in my dad’s car while hubby drove all the luggage and presents out. I, meanwhile, caught the train with my youngest, my mum and my nana. So glad we did that! My daughter slept on my chest pretty much the whole way (3.5 hours) while the rest of us chatted and snacked and read things. Far less stressful than dealing with a toddler screeching to get out of her carseat for hours!!

Of course now it’s after midnight and my little one is still wide awake after that big nap late in the day, but there are so many new and exciting people around for her to play with tomorrow morning so I’m not too stressed out about it.

I love being out here. They’re in a little village in Central Western NSW and it’s so peaceful and sweet and there’s just so much S P A C E. Really helps my head breathe and relax. My parents have put us up in a serviced apartment-style hotel that’s quite lovely. I have a feeling I won’t want to go home again!!

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well (if you celebrate it). I can’t WAIT!