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Wednesday Recipe: Water Kefir

I know it’s Thursday (almost Friday here in fact). Shush! I want to get back on top of things so figured it was better to post late than not at all.


A couple of weeks ago I got my hands on some water kefir grains from a facebook friend. I’ve been wanting to include more probiotics in my diet but often either can’t eat (thanks to my gluten and dairy issues) or just plum don’t like store bought fermented foods. This seemed like a good first experiment for home fermentation.

A great guide to the basics of water kefir can be found here – be sure to watch the video at the end if you want to give this a shot. I didn’t at first and almost killed my grains with boiling hot water! Thankfully they rebounded.

My goal has been to experiment with flavours until my girls like it (especially my oldest, who could really do with more probiotics herself). So far these two have been winners, albeit watered down with soda water:

1. Mixed Berry


After the initial ferment pour the water into a jar and add a handful of frozen mixed berries. Leave to ferment on the counter another day or two for extra fizz.

2. Lemon and Ginger


After the initial ferment add two slices of lemon and a few chunks of fresh ginger (I added fresh blueberries to this batch but prefer it without – although the blueberries were super tasty to eat!). Again, you can leave it on the counter to get some extra fizz or just pop it straight in the fridge. I highly recommend leaving it for at least 24 hours if possible for the flavours to blend.

My next batch will include pear and ginger, and some pomegranate juice I need to use up. I’ll keep you posted!