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Achievement Unlocked

No more boxes.

They’ve all been emptied, and sorted through, and culled, and reorganised to take all the stuff that is actually important to me to our new place down the coast.

The truck is arriving in one week, but the girls, the cat, and I will head down a couple of days earlier (so all the little ones don’t get caught up underfoot during the loading).

In the sage words of Pinkie Pie:


But right now, I’m super proud. I’ve drastically reduced the amount of unnecessary clutter we’re taking with us to our new life. New, coastal Meg will be more serene and relaxed, surrounded only by things that will bring her joy.

Eventually, anyway. I’m sure there will be at least one more pass at culling once we’re set up!

Doesn’t diminish this milestone though. ❤️


Balls in the air

Can you juggle?

It’s a skill I’ve occasionally attempted to master but never with enough conviction to keep practising. I just don’t naturally have the hand-eye coordination, or the ability to fall into that zone where your brain steps back and lets your muscles just do their thing.

I could really do with that skill right now.

We have four weeks until the move happens. We’ve factored in another three week buffer after that to tie up loose ends and get the Sydney house all spick and span before we hand back the keys, but the removalists will be here in four weeks to take everything down to our new home.

In that time I have to:

Finish culling, sorting and packing all my stuff;

Physically catch up with everyone I want to say goodbye to in person;

Help my 7yo process leaving her current school and the friends that she’s suddenly making all over the place (always the way!);

Help both kids reduce all their stuff to take;

Buy a soft cat carrier (my fur-kid tries to bust out of cages so ends up injuring himself on bars and plastic) and arrange a checkup and get advice on how to help my old buddy cope with all the stress;

Work out how to responsibly dispose of all the stuff we’re not taking with us (so difficult in the middle of the city!); and

Clean and tidy and cook and do the school run like normal.

Panic stations are setting up at the perimeter. I hope I’ve got this!!

5 weeks to go…

5 weeks until we pull up stumps and head down the coast.

Here’s what my living room currently looks like: 

Inhale. Exhale.

My plan to systematically sweep through the house and approach this monumental task by breaking it down into logical steps hasn’t gone too well over the last two weeks. I just can’t do it. I can’t make a plan and stick to it.

This is something I’ve known about myself for some time now. Why did I expect things to be different?

Silly Meg! *smacks hand*

Hubby’s anxiety is going into overdrive and we’re both really overwhelmed. The girls are being their usual selves and cavorting like puppies all over any progress being made, upending boxes and spreading the resulting discoveries liberally throughout the house.

It’s kind of intense.

Still, small victories have been made. Hubby took a carload of donations to a charity depot last week: 

 and I’ve been chipping away at other discards a little at a time.

My new approach is to go back to pottering about with a few tasks on the go that I flit between as my attention wanders. It’s not as systematic, but I’m getting a lot more done. Alongside cleaning and sorting, I’m applying the KonMari method to my own stuff with the goal of packing what’s left as I go.

I already went through my clothes once six months ago, but I still managed to get rid of another bag and a few pairs of shoes. I’ve been re-embracing my gothic past and DJing at a monthly club again (which is SO MUCH FUN!!), so I’m really not sure what my particular clothing style is all about anymore. Thankfully, Marie’s method of asking each item “Does this spark joy?” does work like a charm: even if I rarely wear a particular item of clothing, I love looking through my wardrobe and being thrilled by what I see and feel. I’m calling that a win.

The next step is to tackle books. In order to do this correctly I had to fish out the last few boxes with books in them from my back room: 

 I had a little help. ❤️

Many treasures were discovered during this process, including more craft supplies: 

blasts from the past: 

and the first book I bought about tatting, which led to a lifelong obsession with yarn crafts: 

Check out all these gorgeous lace edgings! I adapted a lot of these into chokers and trimmings for accessories back in the day: 

Now I have to pool all the remaining books and magazines together and work out which ones bring joy into my life and which ones I’m just holding onto for the sake of it.

I’m so glad I’ve spent the last year or two actively working on my hoarding tendencies. I’m so glad that I’ve persisted with The Making of Mediocre Meg even when I felt like giving up and submitting to entropy. Now that it’s crunch time I’m in a really good headspace to make the most of this opportunity. While I’m still keeping the things most dear to who I am now, I find myself gleefully letting go of so much stuff – it’s more the logistics of discarding large quantities of crap that is the main thing getting in the way this time.

It’s a good place to be.

Tick tock tick tock

  Image Source

Have I told you that I’ve finally got some paid editing work?

It’s so much fun. I’m working for a local parenting educator who is just the sweetest lady ever. She has brilliant ideas and services to share but has trouble pinning all her ideas down in writing before they run off into the next ones. It’s such a pleasure teasing them all out and helping them shine like they should.

As a result I have been reading more about the art of writing and polishing up my own skills. I instinctively know when words are flowing well and expressing their ideas clearly, but I’d like to have a better understanding of the underlying mechanics.

(side note: it’s daunting writing about this process! Makes me more self-conscious about my own flow and clarity. Please go easy on me, fellow grammar-nuts. This is only a personal blog after all…)

In my browsing I finally picked up Anne Lammott’s Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. I’m only partially into it but already it is so inspiring. I especially love her chapter on the Shitty First Draft: this has always been my biggest hurdle, but she makes it sound far more achievable.

And it really can be applied to life too.

My life so far has been a bit of a shitty first draft: immature, rough around the edges, and blurted out onto the page all higgeldy-piggeldy with no editing or self-censoring. I have a decent idea of what works and what doesn’t (even though I don’t always remember in the moment) and have a whole bunch of interesting plot-points and character developments to draw from and expand upon as I start the refining process.

The move down the coast is definitely, 100% happening. In two months. The clock is ticking to expel all the gunk from my house and my head so I can make the most of this sea-change. I anticipate churning through the house quite a few times; first removing the obvious rubbish and smaller donations, then further whittling down our belongings in more and more detail.

In all honesty I hope to get rid of about 80% of our stuff. I’m sick of all of past-Meg’s baggage weighing me down! She needs to skirt up and properly curate her memories and mementos so present- and future-Meg can stop dragging her around behind us.

So that’s my focus for now. Start gearing up for the better second draft of my life by editing the shitty first one. 

After a broad sweep through the house to sort and stocktake I will apply the KonMari method to my own belongings as speedily as I can. That way I can start this next phase in our new house surrounded only by things that spark joy.

Well, apart from all the kids’ stuff anyway…

Definitely leaving that one for future-Meg to deal with for now!