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Nudge nudge, wink wink

I’m one of those awful people who can turn anything into a double entendre.

I’ll giggle if anyone says “erection” and respond “That’s what she said!” in any moment where it could be even vaguely appropriate (if you could ever describe that response as “appropriate”). Even here, now, the Daily Prompt is “filthy” and my immediate response is to talk about smut rather than dust.

This knee-jerk reaction can get me into trouble if I’m nervous and/or meeting new people, but it has helped me cement some solid and enduring friendships – not least of all with my husband.

One of the things I really do love most about him is our identical (and filthy!) senses of humour. It’s so grounding to know that with the slightest tilt of an eyebrow and one or two words we immediately know which in-joke is being referenced, and BAM! – we’re on the same page.

So here’s to my fellow dirty-minded peeps! Revel in the creativity of drawing double meanings from the most innocuous of phrases. All the best people do it.

(Heh. “Do it”…)


Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for:

1. My girls happily entertaining themselves with quiet, arty play instead of just vagueing out in front of a screen while I made dinner last night.

2. The fact that my girls are growing up in a seriously multicultural and open-minded environment (as opposed to the seriously white, backwater rural city I grew up in) and don’t even register difference as exotic or unusual.

3. Silly text conversations with hubby that made me literally LOL. ❤