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Fishing for Clouds

A few nights ago I dreamed the most entrancing little ditty.

Fortunately I woke up in the middle of the night with it ringing in my head, so I was able to sing it out loud and analyse it enough to visualise how it might look on paper. This made it stick in my memory so I could recall it the next morning.

I so love it when that happens.

It’s quite a light, happy melody (with just a tinge of angst) and it’s been going around my head ever since.

I sang it to the moon last night – and again this evening – and it accompanied the shimmering magic of those silvery clouds just perfectly. I have no words for it yet (I never do, when a melody pops into my head like that) but I think I owe it to the moon to develop this one into a proper song.

I’ve already settled on a title thanks to inspiration from the Daily Prompt – Fishing for Clouds has great potential, I think…

If I manage to record it I will let you know!


*I can’t think of a proper title because I’m too excited*

In about 17 hours I will be here, sipping my complimentary champagne and agonising over which workshops to do.

It’s the Wild Rumpus Jamboree, billed as a “scout camp for grown-ups.” A weekend retreat, surrounded by nature, with workshops on painting, printing, music, photography, weaving, growing, and baking (I’m only allowed to choose 4, damnit!!). Just me and 100-ish other people, there to unwind, make connections, and create stuff.

There will also be yoga, dancing, a coffee van, a bar, and catering from various local stores and farms. We’re even scheming to have a dress-up party on the Saturday night (current theme front-runner: Bohemian Scout Fairies).


It will be the first time I’ve been away from my kids overnight since my youngest was born, almost 4 years ago. I won’t know what to do with myself!! I’m going with a few old friends and hoping to leave with many more.

My cup is going to be filled to overflowing by the end of this.

Bring. It. On.

Insert witty title here

My aversion to writing continues and is starting to become quite an impediment. On top of the background murmur of “I really should check my email/Facebook/Twitter and I really should be blogging consistently again. Remember how much I used to enjoy that stuff? Remember all those people I like who I only see online? I really should get back on top of that stuff,” I’m finding it hard to get on with things in the real world because I want to blog about it but can’t bring myself to do so. Even now I’m forcing it while I have a spare window of down time.

Writing has always been an important part of my mental health and wellbeing. Should I be worried that there’s so much pressure on it now that I’ve “made it public” by blogging instead of journaling? (Because – of course – I feel guilty if I just put pen to paper instead of writing on here like I should be doing!!) Or is it just a natural progression of some sort?

Bah! Here, in no particular order, is what’s going on for me right now:

– We have another house inspection coming up in a week. We’re a little concerned about how soon it is after the last one. Hopefully it’s just the landlord wanting to ease his mind after our unexpected house guests a few months ago but we’re bracing ourselves in case he wants to raise the rent again, or even possibly ask us to move out so he can do some much-needed renovations. 

– My oldest is experiencing some pretty extreme anxiety around school this year that just isn’t sorting itself out. I’m actually considering homeschooling for a while because it all just feels so unhealthy at the moment. I think the family as a whole would cope better with the stresses of homeschooling than the stresses of continuing with school for now. Options are being explored…

– I’ve been rereading my favourite “minimalist porn” books for inspiration – namely Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson and Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. Both these guys also have blogs that are worth checking out, but the books are amazing resources to have on hand whenever you need a little reminder of why it’s best to have less stuff. That being said…

– The universe continues to reward me for hoarding. Every time I put things aside to donate to charity the perfect use will suddenly appear for a few things in the pile. For example, I cleared out a few cupboards in the kitchen the other day and was pretty happy with the amount that I culled. The next day, I needed a couple of containers to stash small items in another cupboard so grabbed back the two loaf tins I’d put aside to get rid of – and they did the job perfectly. Then my 2yo wanted some small bowls for play-cooking with kinetic sand. I knew I could dig out some stuff that would be ok for the job with a little effort… but that stack of teeny wooden spice bowls I was going to cull was right there on the bench above her head. I grabbed them down with a sigh and she happily played with them for the next half hour or so.



– The 52 Boxes project is really quite stalled – mostly because I have the “You have to catch up with blogging about this!” pressure hanging over my head. I set myself way too high a standard with that, I think. I may have to wipe the slate clean with one catch-up post and then continue on with Box 16, which is where I’m up to. Considering we’re entering the 31st week of the year I really need to get my head back in the game!!

– I finished crocheting this glorious cowl recently: 

 It’s mostly made from some wonderful hand-spun, hand-dyed wool I’ve had in my stash for aaaaages and is ridiculously warm and cosy. I’ve been wearing it every day I can (which is hard given how mild this winter has been!). I’m also brushing up on my knitting skills by collecting a new magazine that gives you a ball of yarn and instructions to knit one square of a throw rug with each issue. Currently working on a checkerboard stitch (the needles came with the first issue too): 

 I forgot how much fun knitting could be!

– This blog will be a year old in two days. I guess I’d better think of some way to mark it.

How are things with you?