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Microcosms 39

I haven’t done much writing for the last few weeks but managed to just scrape it in for this week’s Microcosms contest. Do go read the entries and vote for your favourites – and make sure you sign up for email notifications (or follow them on Twitter @MicrocosmsFic) if you want in on it yourself.

My entry this week:

293 words

Character: Linguist

Attribute: Giant

Genre: Science Fiction

A Giant Among Bugs

“Get outta here, kid!”

Daniel scurried out of the way before the burly kitchen-hand’s boot could make contact. He bolted from the dumpster, clutching his prize to his chest: a loaf this big could feed the colony for a week.

At the end of the alley he paused, getting his bearings. Artura Prime was a chaotic city. It was built for the big shots, riding high on their beasts or zooming through the sky on monorails. A small kid like Daniel was easily ignored.

Finding his way underground, he went straight to the central cave. At Daniel’s appearance, a soft squeal of joy rippled through the gathered crowd of critters and they swarmed him, covering his hand with tiny kisses as they each took a crumb of bread.

He smiled.

When he first stumbled upon them he’d been afraid: the horror stories told about the fauna native to this planet ringing loudly in his ears. But they’d shown him compassion, fed and comforted him, embraced him and taught him their ways.

He’d always had a knack for languages and found their communication methods easy to pick up. They were clearly angry that their home above had been colonised by aliens, but felt helpless to stop them.

Daniel understood how that felt.

He promised to help, although he had no idea how. The critters didn’t mind though. It was the first time they’d experienced hope in generations and for now that was enough.

Daniel settled down with his friends. They snuggled up to him, trilling contentment, and he let out a happy sigh. Up there he was nothing, just a dumb kid to be kicked and ignored. Down here? He felt bigger than the cave.

A hero in waiting, destined for great things.