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*crickets chirping*

I’m all over the place at the moment, but this blog is always at the back of my mind, despite my apparent neglect. I have A BUNCH of posts taking shape in my head but they’re all in pieces and the windows of time in which they are relevant are closing. I also need to chase up a couple of leads for possible writing work but find myself a little paralysed over them AND school starts up again in less than a week, so that’s hanging over my head too. In no particular order, here’s a bit of a brain declutter:

– I’ve emptied two more boxes from my back room as per my “one box a week” resolution. Blog post coming soon!

– I saw Amanda Palmer speak at the Sydney Writers’ Festival the other night, with special guests including Tara Moss (who I now have a bit of a lady-crush on) and of course Neil Gaiman. “Inspired” doesn’t quite cover how I felt afterwards but it’s close enough for now. Blog post coming soon!

– I have been wanting to pull my thoughts together in the aftermath of the Sydney siege and Charlie Hebdo shooting as a Sunday Soapbox post, but I think I may have to accept defeat. It’s too big and convoluted a topic for me to tackle right now. Thankfully David Wong has covered off most of my intended talking points over at Cracked with his article 6 ways to keep terrorists from ruining the world. It’s well worth a read for anyone with a handle on nuance and an ounce of compassion for this big, crazy, mash-up of madness that we call humanity.

– I’ve set up a twitter account (@meg_mediocre) and a Facebook page tied to my personal account, with the intention of linking them all together and deleting my current Facebook presence for this blog. It’s too much of a barrier having to re-login with a different account so I’ve been letting it languish too much.

– Speaking of Facebook, I’ve been made an admin for an international attachment parenting group that I’ve been involved with for some time now. It’s fun, but distracting! I still think I’d be a much better parent if only those pesky kids would stop hassling me with their needs all the time…

– I’m going to apply for a local blogging grant and another casual writing/editing job a friend sent me an ad for. Plus my Dad is going to hire me for some technical writing and research work for some apps he’s developing. Part of me is freaking out but hopefully the rest of me can settle that part down with a cuppa and just get it all done in time. Fingers crossed!

– My winner’s profile has gone up over at micro bookends, and it includes my surname and a picture of me for anyone curious. I’m thinking if I want to make a go of this freelancing gig I can’t necessarily stay anonymous anymore. Still not going to post identifying photos of my kids here but I reckon I’ll ease up a bit on personal secrecy. Meanwhile, I had the option of opting out of judging this week’s contest – but I didn’t. Quite looking forward to it now!

– I have been discovering so many cool blogs, recipes and books lately! I think my next big goal for the blog is to really work on scheduling and committing to regular writing so I can feel more on top of things again. I actually bought a pretty nice diary this year (blog post coming soon!) and have been reacquainting myself with my laptop. I can do this!

– My youngest has been dropping her day nap quite a bit lately and actually going to sleep as early as 6pm in the evenings. I’ve consequently had a chance to test a theory and experiment with bi-phasic sleep for myself. So far it’s looking promising. Basically, I pass out with her, sleep for a few hours until I naturally wake up in the middle of the night, get up and do stuff for a few hours, then nap for a few hours more. It’s how humans normally slept back before electric lighting and I suspect my brain will lap it up if I can get it right. The experiment is ongoing.

I think that’s most of what is currently going on in the Life of Meg. The meds I’m taking for my depression have been helping keep my moods on an even keel but they’re playing havoc on my (already small!) plan-making stamina. I guess at least they’re forcing me to live in the moment more!

To finish up – three things I’m grateful for today:

1. My Dad, for dealing with his discomfort with me breaking down over the phone to him the other day and coming up with a really awesome solution.

2. A bag full of clothes that I bought from a new friend. I SUCK at clothes shopping for myself these days so it was fantastic to be able to try on a bunch of beautiful pre-loved stuff in someone’s house while the girls could happily play with a stash of previously unseen toys. Now I just need to get rid of some of my old clothing to compensate.

3. Free dental care for the girls! I finally got them in for their first ever dentist check up today – and it was a bunch of fun! I’m so grateful I waited until I knew my oldest could handle the invasiveness, and I’m so grateful that the dentist and his assistant were AMAZING with kids, and I’m so grateful we finally have (albeit limited) government-funded dental care for children here now. It’s about bloody time! Such a worthwhile investment for the future of the country.

What’s new with you?


Daily(ish) Gratitude 27/12/14

Today I am grateful for:

1. The afterglow of a fun, raucous, manic, glorious, bountiful, family-packed Christmas.

2. Fresh pecans.


3. Dat sky:


No, seriously:


Dat sky!


Added bonus

I just have to share the progress of a present I’m making on behalf of my best friend. I’m running late with it (natch) but I hope she loves it as much as I do! It will be a crocheted Nutella jar cushion. I’m pretty darn chuffed with it so far.


How’s your festive season going?

Daily(ish) Gratitude 16/12/14

Today I am grateful for:

1. The voices of love, solidarity and reason within the maelstrom of shit around the Sydney siege (mostly glaring at you for that, Murdoch).

2. My oldest daughter’s wise, gentle and caring Kindergarten teacher who we say goodbye to at the last day of school for the year tomorrow. Thankfully she is not averse to former students dropping by for a hug every now and then (although sadly I think she might be weirded out if I tried it…).

3. Night time chats with my eldest before bed. I don’t do that enough anymore. This must be remedied.

Daily(ish) Gratitude 11/12/14

Today I am grateful for:

1. Fun diversions like Micro Bookends to sink my teeth into. I can see myself becoming a flash fiction fanatic before too long…

2. A spontaneous coffee date with a friend and her ONE WEEK OLD baby. Squee!

3. The knowledge that hubby is driving our oldest in to school in the morning. Bring on school holidays already! Cannot wait to have no timetable for a while.

Daily Gratitude 04/12/14

Today I am grateful for:

1. The opportunity to sit in on my oldest’s drama class and watch her “perform” (it was more like a workshop than a performance, really). So great to see her all excited and confident and comfortable in front of all the parents.

2. A solo train trip into the heart of the CBD at dusk for some (mostly unsuccessful) Christmas shopping. It’s been too long.

❤ this city!

3. MOAR THUNDERSTORMS!! There's a pretty impressive free light show right outside my window this evening. Giving me wild and crazy goosebumps!

Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for:

1. My girls happily entertaining themselves with quiet, arty play instead of just vagueing out in front of a screen while I made dinner last night.

2. The fact that my girls are growing up in a seriously multicultural and open-minded environment (as opposed to the seriously white, backwater rural city I grew up in) and don’t even register difference as exotic or unusual.

3. Silly text conversations with hubby that made me literally LOL. ❤