Now I ain’t exaggerating or nothing…

…but moving down the coast from Sydney was the best decision we ever made. 


I’ve already shared a few photos of the nearby beauty here, but even better than that, my backyard has gone from a tiny, overgrown mosquito-nest, surrounded by unit blocks, to this:

(The rainbow isn’t always there…)

Our biggest noise complaint has gone from a non-stop drone of traffic, trains, planes and noisy neighbours, to this:

AKA, a bloody great big tree full of currawongs. Not that I would ever complain about them!

We’re also frequently visited by magpies, magpie larks, rainbow lorikeets, rosellas, red wattlebirds, and my absolute favourites: kookaburras.

It is literally impossible to be sad when the kookaburras start chuckling.

And possibly the best part of moving down here? Our neighbours. Just today, my father-in-law popped over to give me a flower he’d grown in his amazing garden:

Isn’t it a beauty! 😍

(Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt)


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