I got nothin’

The Daily Prompt word for today is “sincere.”

I’ve been letting it percolate in my brain all day but remain uninspired. I just can’t do anything creative with it.

Maybe it’s an Australian thing? The unit of study this week for the partial Certificate IV in Education Support that I’m enrolled in at the moment was all about diversity. We touched on how widely conversational norms can differ from culture to culture.

Like how in some cultures it’s considered polite to maintain eye contact while talking, whereas in others that’s the height of rudeness and disrespect. Or like how a smile isn’t always a signal of happiness, or how sometimes “yes” simply means “I understand,” or like how some cultures find it absolutely impossible to say “no” – especially to anyone in a position of power.

In general terms, Australians are quite unique in our directness. We’re big on sarcasm and “ribbing” (making fun of and insulting our friends as a sign of endearment) but sincerity is basically a given. We prefer to cut the bullshit and speak plainly over important stuff (honestly, I don’t know how Americans can swallow the advertising over there: more often than not I genuinely can’t tell if what I’m watching is a parody or for real. So much schmaltz and overt marketing! Blergh!).

If you’re perceived as insincere or “full of yourself” it’s pretty hard to be taken seriously around here.

Anyway, this post makes me 3 for 3 in my goal to post something daily. Yay! Quite frankly it’s also an exercise in confronting my perfectionism and posting something I’m not 100% happy with. Double yay! 😜 Plus I managed to make my bed and tidy my bedside table today. Triple yay!

I sincerely hope this trend continues.

And I’m sincerely grateful if you’ve read this far and choose to continue to walk alongside me on my journey of self-improvement. 🙏


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