I just took a moment to re-read my own Pages to try to get back to the spirit of my mediocre little blog (and update some of the info).

I’ve really strayed pretty far, hey.

Lately I’ve been very much back in la-la land, trying to be a snowflake, getting caught up in daydreams and fantastical creative notions about how one day I might be a famous writer/dancer/crafter/politician/chef/actor/singer – and rehearsing the inevitable interviews that would follow. (Obviously.)

My house is back to being a mess, my kids are back to being screen-junkies, and I have little to no routine going on. Again.

I don’t want to stop the little bits and pieces of creativity I’m doing (especially my writing and musicking) but I really, really have to get more order and predictability going again.

I have to.

So here’s the plan.

– I was toying with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo, but I really don’t want to “sign up” for either of them. Instead I’m aiming to do the Daily Posts every day for the next month, to keep polishing my writing chops and make it more habitual.

– I’m going back to 30 Days to a Clean and Organised House by Katie Berry to pull the house back together. I’ve started trying to work through it a couple of times over the last year or so (including last month) and always stall around day 3, losing momentum and failing to get it back up again. I’m not going to work through the book again at this point, but I am determined to get through her Daily Cleaning Checklist each day to make it into a habit. My house is really not that big. I can easily get to the point where it takes 10min to blitz the obvious stuff each day! Surely!


That’s all I’m going to commit to each day. Anything else is a bonus right now. If I get a wind up me I will expand my to-do list – maybe blog a bit more; maybe crack out the uke or saxophone; maybe sketch out some other writing ideas; maybe do some culling or extra cleaning – but if I get overwhelmed and despondent I will fall back to these two little habits I want to cultivate for now.

(If my blog goes dead for a while you’ll know I cracked under the pressure…)

(I know you won’t judge though!)


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