Microcosms 34

I didn’t get around to posting my last Microcosms story (it was my birthday that week so I was too distracted for blogging) (because I’m a big woman-child who still gets excited Every. Single. Birthday) but there are HEAPS of stories this week, so think of it as a double dose.

Entries have closed, but do go read them all and vote/comment on your favourites if you like.

Here’s my entry this week.

Character: Driver

Setting: Rural Road

Genre: Romance

(I ignored the photo prompt)

The Final Lesson

Melissa checked her reflection before sliding into the driver’s seat. 

Looking hot, babe!

She smiled at Peter as she did up her belt. She’d been resistant about learning to drive as an adult, but the move out bush had necessitated a change of attitude.

Plus her instructor turned out to be a total dreamboat.

Truth be told she could have passed the driving test weeks ago, but she wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Not yet.

Possibly not ever.

Peter smiled back politely, trying to remain professional. Melissa’s scent was maddening in such confined quarters. Truth be told he should have sent Melissa off to do her test weeks ago, but he wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Not yet.

Possibly not ever.

“Alright Melissa. Pull out from the kerb and head for the highway. We’re practicing tight, curvaceous- I mean,” he swallowed, “curvy roads today.”

Melissa stifled a giggle. Time to play.

She slowly shifted into drive and stroked the shaft of the handbrake a little before gently easing it off. Peter watched intently, biting his lip to stay in control of his treacherous body.

They drove out of town to a secluded section of road that twisted through the undulating countryside. As Peter guided her through the motions – “Ease into this bit”; “Lean in harder”; “Watch out for rear-endings here” – the tension became unbearable.

Finally he could take it no more. He directed her to park and took a deep breath.

“Melissa, this has to be your last lesson. I… I can’t be your teacher anymore.”

Melissa deflated a little. Have I read this wrong?

“May I take you out for dinner instead?”

She beamed and internally pumped her fist.

“That works for me.” She smiled slyly. “I’ll drive.”


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