Balls in the air

Can you juggle?

It’s a skill I’ve occasionally attempted to master but never with enough conviction to keep practising. I just don’t naturally have the hand-eye coordination, or the ability to fall into that zone where your brain steps back and lets your muscles just do their thing.

I could really do with that skill right now.

We have four weeks until the move happens. We’ve factored in another three week buffer after that to tie up loose ends and get the Sydney house all spick and span before we hand back the keys, but the removalists will be here in four weeks to take everything down to our new home.

In that time I have to:

Finish culling, sorting and packing all my stuff;

Physically catch up with everyone I want to say goodbye to in person;

Help my 7yo process leaving her current school and the friends that she’s suddenly making all over the place (always the way!);

Help both kids reduce all their stuff to take;

Buy a soft cat carrier (my fur-kid tries to bust out of cages so ends up injuring himself on bars and plastic) and arrange a checkup and get advice on how to help my old buddy cope with all the stress;

Work out how to responsibly dispose of all the stuff we’re not taking with us (so difficult in the middle of the city!); and

Clean and tidy and cook and do the school run like normal.

Panic stations are setting up at the perimeter. I hope I’ve got this!!


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