A Sense of Urgency

In case you hadn’t noticed, things have been hard for me lately. The grind of daily life is bringing me down and my depression is flaring up something fierce. Something has to give.

So we’re moving.

It’s not 100% (but it probably is) but we are going to move into the house next door to my in-laws (it belongs to my grandmother-in-law who is now in a nursing home and loves the idea of having family in there).

In the country.

In about 12 weeks.

I grew up in the country (albeit a very different part) and swore I’d never go back. But I’m sick of the struggle. I’m sick of the loneliness. I’m sick of the noise. I’m sick of the rats and cockroaches!

I’m kind of terrified of living amongst country folk again – but then it’s not like I get to go out and make the most of Sydney anyway. Plus, country life has clearly changed in the two decades I’ve been gone (hello Internet!) so hopefully I won’t be trading surrounded-by-people-yet-lonely for actual-isolation. Plus it’s only a 3-hour drive on a well-maintained, scenic highway away, making weekend trips a possibility.

The clincher for me is the grandparents next door though. They’ll help my husband feel more socially connected and be extra hands to help with the girls. I may actually be able to carve out time for myself regularly and help the whole family achieve more balance and joy.

I just hope there will be enough of a life for me to enjoy there, with people I can actually relate to…

Anyway, before that can happen we need to get rid of at least 50-60% of our stuff (more if possible). We’ll be moving into a slightly smaller house that already has quite a lot of furniture and supplies we can use there, and we would love to keep moving costs down. I need to marshal all the resources and techniques I’ve been dabbling with since I started blogging and Get. It. Done.




3 thoughts on “A Sense of Urgency

  1. This sounds like a great plan to help you get your balance back. I really hope it works out well for you all. Good luck with the culling of household crap that always happens when you move! In the end I find it really refreshing to get rid of so much stuff I don’t need. I hope it’s cathartic for you too! 🙂

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  2. I often wonder what life would be like out of Sydney’s huddle and bustle.
    I like the idea of the grandparents next door, the girls will love it and between sleep overs and visits.. I see more Meg time.
    You never know… What’s waiting for you could very well be right back where you started.
    Looking forward to hearing about changes to come.
    Decluttering has been on my agenda for along time aswell. My mind frame when I do it is… “If this place was on fire, would I save it?” Sometimes less is more and we hold onto items because we like how they make us feel or what we associated to it when we received it or purchased it.
    I have began living as minimalistic as possible. With each new purchase the old one goes to the salvos. I’m now attempting to deal with my tea cup collection. *help*
    Good luck Meg x

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    1. There is nothing wrong with an impressive teacup collection!! Put it out on display and enjoy it. 🙂

      Thank you. Yes I am quite scared about this plan, but when I sit with it quietly I *know* beyond all doubt that it’s the right idea. For ALL of us.

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