In the spirit of my 2016 resolution to finish things I’ve started, I got out a lace table-topper I’ve been plugging away at on and off for about 6 years or so now. I initially intended it to be a 120th present for my parents: their birthdays are about a year apart so they picked a date at the midway point between their 60th birthdays to have a combined 120th. It was pretty awesome.

It was also just over 5 years ago.

The cloth will eventually look like this: 

It’s super pretty filet lace using a 0.75mm hook. Each row takes about half an hour and I managed to do 3 of them today.

When I laid out what I’d done to take it all in it looked like this: 

Pretty satisfying stuff! Except…

If you look closely you will see that the tension goes a bit screwy just after the halfway point. 

Because I’ve gone months (and occasionally a year) between picking it up to do a row or two at a time I never really noticed exactly how much tighter my tension got at that point.

I stretched and jiggled it a bit, but there really isn’t enough give there to block it into a perfect square. As a result, the pattern is smaller from the edge of the heart onwards.  

Where my thumb is on the top layer should match up with the larger mesh two rows below.

I weighed my options, took a deep breath – and unraveled 22 rows.

That’s 11 hours of work.

Just under a quarter of the central design.

It took almost an hour just to unravel it and wind up the thread.

I’ve had to do something similar before, when my cat discovered the work in progress and did as a cat is wont to do and played with the ball of yarn, trashing 14 rows of crochet in the process. I’d be finally onto the border by now without these two stuff-ups!

Still, if I’d left it as it was, it would never sit straight and I would consequently never want to use it.

So now here I am back at row 57, rather than row 79: 



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