So close I can taste it…

I haven’t forgotten about my main New Year’s resolution for 2015 (aka the 52 Boxes project). I just haven’t blogged about it since the 8th box, which is inexcusably slack of me. I’m afraid I hit a point where the pressure of blogging (and guilt that I wasn’t!) was preventing me from making any progress.

So I surrendered and plugged away without really documenting it at all.

There were big gaps – especially while my friend and her daughter were living with us – but all up the hubby and I have gotten rid of about 30 boxes from our back room, along with various bags and bits and pieces of other crap. Not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with that result given how long those damn boxes have been sitting there!

I’d slowly sorted and culled about 16 of them by early November, but then there was a council clean-up scheduled that was too good an opportunity to miss. I rolled up my sleeves, cranked out the tunes, sipped on wine, and kicked the rest of the family out of the house – and cleared out 10 boxes in one day.

It was pretty awesome. 

I filled 9 of those boxes up with crap to be thrown out. Then hubby went through the boxes that were his and added another 4 to the pile.

My back room looked like this after I’d done the 7th box: 

Then it looked like this during my November blitz: 

Now? We’re down to 16 boxes in that room (plus a few empties to facilitate further rubbish removal): 

It’s soooooo much nicer in there. We can see the curtain again! And use the shelves!! I’ve finally moved my youngest daughter’s easel in there – only one year and two months after we got it. It’s still not really roomy enough to be a good art space but it’s so close to how I’ve wanted it to be set up for the last 5 years.

Hubby still has another week and a half of holidays to go and I am determined to clear that wall completely before he goes back. 

I can’t back down after coming this far.

I’ve decided that 2016 will be all about finishing things I’ve started. This project will be priority number 1.

How did you go with this year’s resolutions?


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