Monthly Archives: November 2015

1.5 hours to go…

….and still so much to do!!

Enough is done for the kids to have fun, but my perfectionist brain still wants to add ALL THE FINISHING TOUCHES.

I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep. I was up until nearly 3am doing all the stuff I couldn’t get done easily with the kids running around.

It was worth it though.

 I iced and assembled a “messy” cake enough for it to be adequate, even if we don’t get round to drizzling chocolate sauce all over it this morning. 
I wrapped small gifts for a lucky dip, cooked up some cornstarch finger paint, finished off the rainbow jelly cups I’ve been working on for days, made some crazy sponge brushes/balls for painting with and soaking to throw at the piñatas. Oh, and I made the piñatas. 

I’ll hang them up from the clothesline and let the kids go nuts with wet projectiles to make them disintegrate. We did it last year. So. Much. Fun.

I’m also finally setting up a tarp bubble for the kids to crawl around in. I’ve been eyeing the idea off for ages and this is the year it is happening!  

Wow. Now that I’ve put it all down on a screen like that I feel a lot more confident that things will be great. All I need now is for the forecast rain to stay away!

And to run to the shops for snacks and drinks!!


Everything old and so on and so forth

Howdy! Well that sure was a longer break between blog posts than I intended. So much has happened both inside and outside my own head that I just had to sit back and coast for a while.

But that’s not important right now.

What’s important is that it’s my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday party in THREE DAYS – and I have fallen back into old, unproductive habits.


I started off well. I set a date and made up invitations 5 weeks ago. The guest list ballooned out more than I initially wanted, but my girl has had a rough year socially so I skirted up and changed my expectations to accommodate her excitement. I’ve been keeping a tally of RSVPs. I’ve been prepping and pre-purchasing things for it here and there over the last few weeks. I’ve queued up people to help out with stuff on the day.

But in my head it is Utter. Chaos.

I tried to deal with the panic by relaxing and drawing up lists until the final week, hoping to use the last-minute adrenaline to streamline it all and churn through the tasks involved.

But then I got a tummy bug on Sunday night.

And then once I finally started feeling productive again yesterday, my youngest puked her guts up.

So that knocked out yesterday and this morning.

Seriously, just kill me.

I have 20-25 kids turning up on Sunday morning for a fun Messy Play Party and all I want to do is curl up into a ball until it’s all over.

Can I pull it off this time? Or will I have a nervous breakdown and leave my daughter with an inexplicable sensation of dread every time her birthday approaches for the rest of her life?

Stay tuned…..