Bad day

Um, I mean hi! How are you going? It’s been a while, huh? Please excuse me while I vent now…

I love my kids (natch) but sometimes I feel like my 6yo would be a completely different person with a better-suited, more zen mum.

It’s like she’s genetically engineered to bring out the worst in me. If this is some sort of test then my report card would give me a B for effort and maybe a D+ for outcomes. (It’s like high school PE classes all over again…)

Thankfully my 2yo has a completely different temperament: that helps me keep perspective and know that there’s only so much I can do to guide my big girl. A lot of our issues just boil down to the way she and I are innately wired.

Don’t get me wrong, I nail it a lot of the time. We have plenty of golden moments where everything is in sync and the connection is palpable. It’s just that she’s a really empathic Highly Sensitive Child (possibly with early stages of anxiety/depression – no formal diagnosis as yet though) trying to establish a secure attachment with a mother who has regular bouts of depression and a really short fuse.

We had a perfect storm today. Sibling sniping followed by me losing it over some rejected food leading to anxiety-driven school refusal followed by me giving in to the Beast and letting rip with my feelings of frustration and helplessness (we’ve been doing so well the last few weeks! I thought we’d turned a corner!). Then cue hysterics from Miss 6 and MASSIVE guilt for me, triggering a huge a chasm of depression for the rest of the day.

I gave up. I lost all fucks to give and spent the rest of the day basically being as horrid and unlikeable as possible so the kids would leave me alone (it took A LOT for them to give up on me, which is…something? Is that good or bad? I don’t know anymore). I couldn’t stop crying for about half an hour there – which is unheard of for me. It takes a lot to make me sob like that so I guess my body made the most of that window of opportunity.

Hubs had a crisis at work so couldn’t come home and rescue the kids from me. I was on my own. I simply had to skirt up and pull myself together. No other options.

It was hard. Not gonna lie: I had to skull some cooking sherry to numb my head out enough to stop crying and start on the damage control.

We managed to find some sort of fragile equilibrium that kept cracking around the edges but held enough for us to survive – and even occasionally enjoy – the rest of the day. Hubby was able to head home early so now I’m sitting in a local restaurant eating gluten-free penne bolognaise (they didn’t have gf spaghetti) and drinking wine and trying to work out the way forward from here.

I want out.

Not forever, but long enough to miss being so viscerally needed by my little people.

Because right now it’s suffocating.

I can barely keep my own emotions in order – how am I supposed to nurture two children through such tumultuous times in their lives?

All I can see is the scars and bad habits I’m consolidating right now. I don’t want my sweethearts to go through the same bullshit my head dishes out to me!!

From the current vantage point I’m not even sure that is possible…

I need a hug. 😞


8 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. Hey Meg. When I get to a similar point in my life… It’s usually because I have emptied my “love bucket” and not refilled it. I give to the point where I have not a single ounce of anything to give anyone for a while.
    What I realised though is that I stayed on the phone taking on other peoples problems, I tried to be a “nappy commercial” mum etc. I would neglect my hobbies, daily chores would be left because of some major emergency that needed to be dealt with then and there (which didn’t) and then one day…. The smallest thing can bring me to “fuck the world” mode.
    I ramp and rage around because of the guilt of wasted time, the frustration that I’m drowning, the suffocation of needing so urgently to fill my bucket again so I can feel stronger. A minute to myself where Nobody needs me.
    It’s taken me a while to learn this….
    I don’t give anyone or anything time freely anymore.
    I keep a schedule of daily tasks these days.
    Time with friends I scheduled, not random.
    I reserve my time and energy to be a fun mum, to be a loving wife and a positive person.
    I make a plan and stay focused so things keep being balanced nicely. I throw in a treat for myself to reward myself for at unkind to the goal. (Small things that will make me happy)
    I make sure I have everything done so I have time to be that mum that sits at the table and plays uno after dinner.

    Glad to see you on WordPress. Looking forward to another blog soon xx

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    1. I may need a neck rub to compensate for all the nodding along just then. 100% agree.

      It’s all easier said than done though!

      I have noticed my head has been A LOT better since I cut right back on social media (apart from the lack of blogging! I would like to dial that back up again), and media in general, TBH. I’m missing out on some social stuff but still get Facebook events showing up on my calendar and have the Messenger app for private messages so it hasn’t been too bad in that respect. It’s worth it for the drop in information/heated debate overload.

      My focus at the moment is to seek out joy. Eventually I will get to the point where I can make plans and stick to them but for now I’m all about only caring about issues and problems that are within my power to change, simplifying life as much as possible and being more mindful in everyday life.

      THANKFULLY, this day was just a biochemical hiccup that was very much caused by a total lack of emotional resources. I’ve forced myself back on track since then and will replenish my love bucket even more by carving out extra me-time this weekend.

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  2. Huge massive squishy hugs, if were in the same times zone, I’d have a humungous glass of wine with your name on it, so it has to be virtual…hugs again.

    Don’t be hard on yourself, some days are like this.

    Take care x πŸ™‚

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