Couldn’t do it

I just can’t do a rough tidy anymore! I walked into the kids’ room determined to simply grab random handfuls of toys and throw them in buckets but then I kept getting distracted trying to sort and consolidate as I went.

So I gave in to the urge and did multiple sweeps of the mess, throwing out rubbish and putting sets together as I went. Hubby and the girls came home while I was partway through but thankfully left me alone to finish up.

2.5 hours later, this is how it ended up: 

*relieved sigh*

I didn’t clear off the bed but everything else is squared away, with plenty of space free to take the crap from the living room. 

I gotta say, it feels really nice in there now.

Now to dust and vacuum and start lugging other stuff in there. I’ll get there eventually – it’s just going to take far longer than I’d hoped.


One thought on “Couldn’t do it

  1. Quite a difference from AAAAAnd … 🙂

    Am wondering which came first … this or the AAAAAAA .. for things are never static are they? One minute clean and beautiful .. next … Oh Lord I have to start again.
    Habit … you are so hard to change …

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