Monthly Archives: July 2015

For future reference

This, gentle reader, is why you should move your furniture around to clean underneath it more frequently than once every four years: 


I filled a small box with lost toys and threw away five dustpans full of dust and gunk from underneath our couch today. So. Gross. 

A vacuum, dry mop and spot clean over the floor and wall later:

Muuuuuuch better!

Now to remember to kick the family out and do it again some time within the next six months. At least.

In other news, I am determined to get this blog rolling again. I’ve started going through boxes again and writing out recipes and will make more use of the scheduling tool so I can write in bursts when the opportunity arises and have posts ready to go during drought times. Mediocre Meg is almost one year old. I want more to show for it by this time next year!


Aaaaaand here’s how it looks now…

I left the girls to their own devices while I made dinner, so they made use of the new space and rediscovered a bunch of neglected toys.

There was also a massive pile of artwork in the doorway but I got my oldest to help me clean it up before I thought to take a photo.

My instinct is to just sigh and tidy it up on my own, but instead I’m going to get the kids to help. Maybe this can be a good starting point to establish new habits (even if it takes a lot longer since they’re both a bit tired and crazy right now).

Wish me luck!

Couldn’t do it

I just can’t do a rough tidy anymore! I walked into the kids’ room determined to simply grab random handfuls of toys and throw them in buckets but then I kept getting distracted trying to sort and consolidate as I went.

So I gave in to the urge and did multiple sweeps of the mess, throwing out rubbish and putting sets together as I went. Hubby and the girls came home while I was partway through but thankfully left me alone to finish up.

2.5 hours later, this is how it ended up: 

*relieved sigh*

I didn’t clear off the bed but everything else is squared away, with plenty of space free to take the crap from the living room. 

I gotta say, it feels really nice in there now.

Now to dust and vacuum and start lugging other stuff in there. I’ll get there eventually – it’s just going to take far longer than I’d hoped.

Too many thoughts, not enough brain

Everything in my life is cluttered right now.

Too much stuff, too much food, too many thoughts, too many options.

I can’t relax in my house because everywhere I rest my eyes I see a job that needs doing. I can’t even close my eyes because then my brain takes over and starts hurling “should”s and “don’t forget to”s at me. It’s really driving me insane.

No more!

I’ve managed to pin my (equally stressy) husband down to take the girls out for at least two hours so I can get stuck into cleaning the living spaces. I’ve showered and dressed and imbibed much caffeine and have leftovers ready to graze on. I’m all psyched to get my potter on and haul myself out of this funk I’ve fallen into over the past few weeks.

Just to keep me accountable, here’s what I’m working with today: 

Living room (yes that’s a real kitty flaking out in front of the heater. He can stay). 

  Angle 2. 

 Kids’ room, which still hasn’t recovered from having my goddaughter here. I just hit a point where I gave up on it because they all just kept trashing it anyway. It actually looked far worse at the time… 

Kitchen bench.

Long-term goal is to sort everything to make it easier to cull and contain, but today is all about throwing out obvious rubbish and creating some clear spaces. For that to happen I need to:

  • Roughly clear up and clean the kids’ room
  • Put the excess toys in the living spaces back in there
  • Vacuum/dust/freshen up the living spaces.

THAT’S ALL. For today, anyway. Then once we all have space to breathe again I can look at some next steps. Hopefully the process will declutter my brain a little too!

Will update later today. Hassle me if I don’t!!