Tasty Tuesday: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Aw yeah, baby! This was an experiment of mine that turned out SO BEAUTIFULLY that I just have to share.

Gluten free, dairy free, cookies and cream ice cream. With only three ingredients.

My first attempt at making something like this came about as an accident. I had some macaroons going crumbly so had the idea of approximating an “Eton Mess” style thing by breaking them up and mixing them with chilled coconut cream and jam. Then I kind of ruined it by adding chocolate chips, which completely overwhelmed the other flavours.


On a whim I chucked it in the freezer. The next day I stirred it up a bit with a fork and found that it got a really nice ice cream texture – and was utterly delicious! Then the next time I pulled it out and stirred it with a fork it was even creamier and tastier. I vowed to try it again sometime, on a larger scale.

A few weeks later I made a few microwaved chocolate cakes in mugs for the girls and myself that turned out a little dry. I found myself wishing I had some ice cream to soften it – and had the brainwave of turning it INTO ice cream for my Midwinter Feast this year. Booyah!

You have to plan this one in advance if, like me, you don’t own an ice cream maker. It’s totally worth it though.


Serves 10-12, depending on how gluttonous you are…

  • About 2 C of dry chocolate cake or crumbly cookies (I made mine based on this recipe)
  • 2/3 C berry jam
  • 800ml (2 large cans) coconut cream, divided


Crumble your cake or cookies into a large bowl and add 600ml (1.5 cans) of coconut cream. Keep the rest of the cream aside in the fridge.

Add your jam (adjusting amount to personal preference) and stir through. Pour the mix into a suitable container and freeze overnight, or until solid.

Break it up with a fork and whizz it in a food processor until it’s all grainy. Refreeze until you’re almost ready to eat it.

Break it up and whizz it in the processor again, this time adding the last 200ml of coconut cream. Keep blending until it’s light and creamy. You should end up with something like this: 


You can eat it at this point, but I popped it back in the freezer for about an hour so it would firm up a little more. 


So. Good.

If you have any leftovers I would recommend spooning it into icy pop moulds, as it freezes pretty rock solid again within a few hours. If you don’t want to do that you might consider thawing it out a bit or processing it again before you go back for more – or do what my daughter and I did and just hack bits off the frozen clump with a sturdy spoon!


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