Note to Meg: it doesn’t have to be perfect

I’ve fallen back into the perfectionism trap.

It sucks so much! But I’ve crawled out before – I can do it again.

I’m writing and posting this in ten minutes. If it doesn’t fit an overarching narrative, so what? I don’t have to make sense all the time. I don’t have to document every step to blog about something effectively. It can be fun to jump into something halfway through.

With that in mind, it’s the Winter Solstice tonight. Last year I started off what I hope to become a family tradition of having a Midwinter Feast with a few special friends. It’s on again this year. Tonight.

It crept up on me this time so I only started planning a week ago. Things are in place pretty well though. Check out my to-do list: 


Note how it’s chock full of realistic goals, time frames, and divisions into “must do” and “this would be nice, but can drop if necessary.”

Plus I already have the turkey in the slow cooker: 


AND I made up some “cookies and cream” coconut cream-based ice cream last night, and have been breaking it up and re-freezing already through the morning so far:  


My guests are due in five hours so we can feast as close to sunset as possible. I can not only do this, but enjoy myself too!

Will keep you posted. 

(Okay, so that took me twenty minutes to write. Still, progress!)


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