Clawing my way back

Since last we met

My friend went into the shelter system, got soundly berated by the Department of Housing for how she’s dealt (or rather not dealt) with things, confirmed that she’s black-listed on any and all tenancy databases, and consequently moved interstate to Melbourne to try her luck there. She moved out of our place just after my last post – and lasted about five days before having to come back, as the various agencies who run the shelter system in Sydney simply could not find them anywhere to sleep (they run on a day-by-day basis so it’s all subject to availability).

Having that short break really highlighted exactly how hard it all has been on my family. I ended up having to tell my friend that apart from everybody else, I personally had hit breaking point and really needed to remove myself from the situation for a while to avoid total burn-out. She 100% sympathised, and that was the clincher for her deciding to move: considering she had exhausted the few support systems she had here, she really didn’t have anything to lose by uprooting anymore!

They caught the overnight train a few days ago and so far things are definitely going better for them. They’ve been put up in a motel and are getting friendly and helpful support. I guess that’s what happens when the system isn’t completely overwhelmed by demand! I do love Sydney, but it is getting harder and harder to live well here if you have anything working against you.

We still have a mountain of their stuff here and are trying to consolidate everything to pack up and take to the storage unit. Once she’s established herself we’ll work out how to get it all down there. Leaving that one for future Meg to deal with though…

For now I’m consolidating my energy and refocusing on my own little corner of the world. We’ve smoothed things over with the landlord and will have a house inspection in 6 weeks (or earlier if we get the place in shape more quickly). I’m getting my potter on whenever I can and slowly creating oases of calm here and there, and finding my way back to routines that nourish and support our household again.

Most importantly, though, I will spend this weekend in self-reflection. I’ve learned a lot about myself through the trial by fire of the last two months. I need to unpack it all and properly reflect so I can move forward even stronger and happier than before.


One thought on “Clawing my way back

  1. Glad to read your friend has managed to get much needed support, which needs especially as she has a child, and with support hopefully she can make better choices in the future.

    Now you have even more boxes,, but being supportive is more beneficial to your friend, however I can understand the strain, with having four kids in the house, and 3 adults, and can imagine everything was stretched to breaking point, it was a wonderful thing you did and it least it gave them breathing space and they weren’t out on the streets.

    Now you have your home and family back, some work there to get you all back on an even keel, which as you say you need to nourish your family and yourself I might add with space in which to breath and concentrated on your needs, so a weekend of reflection is good.

    See you soon

    Take care x

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