Still here. Still kicking. Kinda.

Had a pretty bad bout of depression for a while there (triggered by a few things on top of my normal brain fluctuations) so I had to knuckle down and take one day at a time. Then the shit hit the fan for a good friend of mine and, well, long story short: she and her 6yo daughter will be crashing with us for a bit after a messy eviction.

So on top of all my crap we have to make physical, mental and emotional space for all their crap too.

Worth it, though. No way am I letting them be homeless. That is not how Meg rolls.


So, a rundown of where things stand for me right now:

– I’m not sure being a freelance writer is a good fit for me after all inasmuch as 1) I tend to freeze and have a heap of trouble knocking things out to others’ specifications and 2) I’m already sick of potential clients disappearing into the ether once I start throwing around preferred fees. I think for now I’m better off looking into monetised blogs that I can write for myself and branching out from there.

– The hubster finally got his promotion and pay rise formalised AND I finally got my issues with Centrelink sorted out, so immediate money pressures have been slightly eased for now. *big sigh of relief*

– Still hate the school run although thankfully my big girl is starting to get a bit more of a groove going. I don’t have to worry about any of that for two glorious weeks now though.

– I bought some 5×5 old-school Expedit shelves from a friend recently so finally have the capacity to put away all my books properly! (Plus I’ve been lusting after a set of these for years now so am SUPER excited to finally have some.) Will post about it once it’s all set up.

– I should have emptied 13 boxes by now but have stalled at 10 (and only blogged up to 8). Was hoping to make more headway over the holidays but we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out now.

– Even before my friend brought all her stuff over, the house was in chaos again anyway. I just cannot stick to a routine. It’s, like, not in my DNA or something. Not cool.

So that’s where I’m at right now anyway. How are things with you?


5 thoughts on “Boo!

    1. Thank you so much. She’s a really old friend of mine who’s pretty much hitting rock bottom right now. :\ I just want to see her back on her feet ASAP. Plus her daughter and mine are practically sisters – would hate to see anything happen to break them up too.

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  1. Good to see you and sorry the black dog caught up with you, he’s an inconsiderate so and so, but you seem to be on the upswing and one day at a time is all you can do.

    Your friend is lucky to have you in their corner, even with the upheaval within your home, you still have the compassion to reach out and help.

    that’s the trouble with freelancing is the fees, they want the work done but want to pay next to nothing for it, there loss, and what great news about hubby, you will find your niche of that I’m sure.

    I’m missing the box revelations, it’s like opening a treasure chest every week so hopefully the feature will return soon.

    So good to see you posting:)

    Take care x

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    1. Thanks my lovely! 🙂 I’m already feeling a little crowded out so hopefully she’ll find something more permanent soon (plus I know from experience that living with a friend isn’t always the best idea!) but she’s a bit of a mess right now so it would have ended REALLY badly if nobody stepped up to catch them for a little while. The house is currently resounding with “one day at a time” mantras…

      And I am so itching to keep attacking those boxes!! Should get back into the swing of it within a week or so.

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