The 7th Box


“Books – Heavy”

Once again, hubby nailed it. Just like the 6th box, this was another heavy box full of books. These books, to be precise:


There was a good mix of books from my childhood (including Pratchett, Kipling, and de Lint), scripts for stage plays, fun reference books, German and Italian dictionaries, and music reference books both from my time as an undergrad and as a Masters candidate.

Just check out these beauties:


Technologies of Gender; Sexing the Groove; The Norton Anthology of Western Music (referred to as NAWM for convenience) – awwwww yeah!

Instant flashbacks to fun conferences about intertextuality and semiotics and gendered representations in popular culture. It makes me smile to see my trusty old friends, which quite frankly comes as a pleasant surprise. By the time I quit my postgraduate studies my relationship to music was pretty fraught with tumultuous emotions.

Perhaps there’s still a musicologist in me somewhere after all…

Two other treasures of note were hidden in this box.


I came Second Dux of my primary school (was pipped at the post by my good friend who was a maths wiz – and was pretty grumpy about it since she’d only come to the school that year!). For my prize I was given a gift voucher for a local bookstore and asked to buy something for them to wrap and present to me at the final assembly.

I scoured the bookshelves for inspiration and happened upon the sci-fi/fantasy section (as I was wont to do). The cover and title for this book jumped out at me and the blurb was interesting so I thought “Eh! This’ll do.”

I wish I’d seen the faces of the admin staff when they saw it. Hopefully they just stuck the certificate on the inside cover and wrapped it without looking too closely because otherwise a report may have been made about my parents.

If you haven’t read any Charles de Lint let me just say that he’s not the most appropriate author for a 12 year old to be reading…

Needless to say I devoured the story a few times over that school holiday and promptly bought his next few books as they came out too. Really gripping supernatural fantasy with mythical elements, time-traveling and dimension-hopping thrown in for good measure. Good stuff!

(Meanwhile, the Dux of the school bought a few Babysitter’s Club books. I’m not saying that the school may have done well to reconsider their decision but… yeah, actually, I totally am.) (Not that I’m holding a 24-year-old grudge or anything.)

The other unexpected treasure?


When I first moved out of home I went through my parents’ bookshelves and grabbed a bunch of old classics that I felt like I really “should” read sometime (which of course I never did). My mother studied Literature at uni and used to privately tutor speech and drama for aspiring public speakers so we had a bunch of dusty old tomes lying around the place, including this one.

I flipped through it, glancing at pencilled notes in the margins when one caught my eye. Wait, what?


This didn’t originally belong to my mother – it belonged to my grandmother! I flipped to the front and right there was my Nana’s name, written in her flawless cursive handwriting, along with the name of the school in Kentucky she attended in 1944 – when she was 15 years old.

Around that beautiful inscription were random notes, clearly taken during her English class, scrawled in non-cursive writing not dissimilar to my own. Plus, written in the back cover is a bunch of random names – possibly of all her classmates?


SO CUTE!! Thankfully my Nana is very much alive and well at a sprightly 86 years old so I can’t WAIT until she’s next in town (she lives on the Gold Coast these days). I’m sure she’ll get a real kick out of seeing this.

Such a beautiful piece of family history to pass on to my girls!

See? Hoarding can be AWESOME sometimes.

That being said, I still haven’t found a long-term storage solution for all these books. I think I need to bite the bullet and clear out and reorganise my main bookshelf. Ugh! Effort.

Still, the result of my box-clearing efforts so far? Check. It. Out.


BOOYAH! There’s a piece of floor that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while. I gave it a good sweep and a run over with a microfibre mop. It now has a step-ladder stashed in it, opening out the rest of the room some more. YESS!

Seven boxes down, all this lot (plus a few more scattered around the rest of the house) to go…



6 thoughts on “The 7th Box

  1. Loving this, we also had the Oxford Companion To Music, god knows why, none of us were particularly musical.

    I seem to remember reading Pilgrims Progress at school, obviously didn’t make a dent and like you I like to delve into the classices I see also Northanger Abbey and Persausion, read both.

    I think that when books are read they come alive and are like old friends to be read over and over, even tough our tastes change but a good book is a good book:)

    Liked by 1 person

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