At the risk of jinxing things…

…I had a bit of a revelation today:

I feel like an adult.

Like, seriously. I don’t feel like a clueless woman-child pretending (and failing) to know what I’m doing anymore.


I’m not entirely sure what has changed, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s going to last, but it sure does feel good right now.

I think it’s at least partly because I kind of feel like I’ve found my calling:

I am a writer.

And even though I’ve yet to make any actual money out of it, I just, kind of, know that it’s going to work out.

And pretty much every time I’ve felt like this about something in the past, I’ve been correct. Not always – so I’m not going to be complacent or anything – but more often than not.


I’m mostly posting right now so I can share this photo:


My parents came to town this weekend specially to babysit the kids yesterday while hubby and I had a long, leisurely date for our anniversary. We went to a lunchtime screening of “Jupiter Ascending” (such a fun movie! I finally get the Channing Tatum thing…), had some coffee, bought a new kettle and a second-hand PS3 (to replace an old one that died) and did a bunch more window shopping. We had long, fascinating conversations that WEREN’T constantly interrupted by little people and really got in touch with where we’re both at right now. We then went to our local pub for dinner (after double checking that the girls were ok – and learning that naughty Gran took them to the toyshop. So of course they were all having a ball!) and talked some more before heading home so my parents could head to their hotel with Miss 6, who was having a sleepover with them.

We cracked open a bottle of bubbly to share with my parents before they left and I got Miss 2 off to sleep in seconds flat after her big day with no nap. Then hubs and I finished off the bottle and ate chocolate while binge-watching The Big Bang Theory for a while (it’s my guilty pleasure!).

Then we shared a quiet spot of tea before bed, using the teapot set and candle holders I uncovered in the 5th box that were wedding presents all those years ago.

It was pretty magical (despite how tired we were by this point).

I just wanted to share this meaningful moment since it was only possible thanks to my hard work confronting my hoarding. Which is only possible thanks to the accountability provided by this blog. Which is only possible thanks to YOU guys.

So thanks for reading. Know that every favourite and follow and comment only drives me to keep going and improve things even more. You really make a difference to my life!

I can only hope that by sharing this stuff with you I inspire you to feel just as warm and fuzzy too. ❤


3 thoughts on “At the risk of jinxing things…

  1. Love the tea set:) glad you and hubby had a great day, it’s good relax and have an adult conversation, but equally good to have your family.

    So you had you eureka moment, your a writer, I believe that is so, you have a way with words not a talent everybody has, and look forward to the day when I read your articles /book, I always think that creatives are born not made, and your a natural I wish you much luck with your endevours.:)

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