February In Review

Here we are five days in to March and I haven’t paused to reflect yet. That’s kind of appropriate though, given how far out of control February felt. Even now I don’t really feel like writing this post, but I’m forcing myself to anyway since it’s good practice for letting go of expectations and treating writing like a craft rather than simply an extension of myself.

This month was all about getting back into the swing of school – and we didn’t really succeed, to tell the truth. Between “mental health days” and physical sick days my oldest still hasn’t managed to attend a full Mon-Fri week yet. It’s been a rough transition from the fun of Kindergarten into the bigger emphasis on work and discipline in Year 1, and she’s struggling. Plus the school decided to separate her and her best friend when sorting out classes so she’s a little bereft when working out who to play with at break times. Add onto that my issues around punctuality and difficulty with waking up on time myself and it’s been rather hellish for all of us.

We’re going to persevere but in all honesty I’m starting to think the difficulties of homeschooling would be easier to work around for us at the moment. At least then I wouldn’t be fighting to get the kids out the door earlier than any of us can deal with. Ugh! So. Much. Stress. Is it really worth it? We’ll give it a term to see if my big Miss can find her joy again and reassess things then.

On the home front we’ve had some hits and misses. The box project is lagging a little behind schedule but otherwise going well and I’ve managed to hold on to some (but not all) of the clear spaces and order I created for the house inspection. Still not maintaining any regular cleaning habits though, and constantly playing catch-up with the dust and general grime of daily life.

I’d like to focus on routines a bit more this month and further develop my “cleanliness through pottering about” method. In a nutshell, I’ve found that if I set myself one main goal for the day but allow myself to be sidetracked and distracted by other things that come up in the process then I end up getting quite a decent amount of stuff done. It’s kind of a mix of multi-tasking and productive procrastination and seems to work quite well with where my head is at the moment.

My head is giving me more good days than bad, thanks to the meds kicking in properly, but I’m definitely more vague and lassez-faire than normal. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate…

Thankfully the weather is starting to turn more Autumnal. I even had my first Fuji apple for the season the other day! So exciting. I always have more energy in cooler weather so am confident March will feel more productive and enjoyable than February was.

And considering we started the month off with a surprise dinner out at our favourite fancy-pants restaurant for our anniversary (thanks to hubby’s boss ordering him home early and an extension on his credit card limit coming through) I’m definitely feeling the love right now. March, I’m confident we will be the best of buds if this continues.


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