Tasty Tuesday: Creamy Cucumber and Olive Salad

What? It’s still Tuesday in some parts of the world! (And heck – it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t late to start my own new feature…)

Anyhow, as I mentioned last week I’m going to shift my “recipe” day to pile on to the Tasty Tuesday tag. My first recipe on this new schedule is a refreshing, easy salad to scoff down as a mid morning snack (like I did today) or a spectacular side to heftier meal.



Serves 1

1 Lebanese cucumber
1 tomato
A generous handful of pitted kalamata olives
A generous handful of chopped walnuts
Olive oil
Cracked pepper
Mayonnaise (I used a store bought dip made from mayo and chopped olives, but plain mayo will do). *Sub with guacamole for a vegan option.


– Roughly dice the tomato and cucumber and combine in a bowl.

– Add olives and walnuts.

– Drizzle over some olive oil and tamari (regular soy sauce will do if you don’t need it gluten free) and sprinkle with cracked pepper to taste.

– Dollop on a generous spoonful of mayonnaise (or guacamole) and about the same amount of tahini. Stir through so everything is smothered in creamy deliciousness.

Serve with corn thins, rice cakes, or toast as a satisfying snack.


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