All Done!

The house inspection went without a hitch. Thankfully our landlord is a decent guy. He’s pretty hands-on and reasonable (manages the rent privately rather than through an agent) and would rather keep good tenants than have to hunt around for new ones.

He commented on how well we’d organised the toys and promised to get on to replacing the ancient oven as soon as he’s finished renovating the house next door. The rent is definitely going up in a couple of months though – by an extra $50 a week. I simply have to find an income. There’s just no getting around it anymore.


For now I’m enjoying all the clear space we’ve created in the house. Between the work hubby and I did last night (he did wake up again last night but I took one look at his tired eyes and sent him straight back to bed!) and all the vacuuming and rubbish removal this morning EVERY room is vastly improved. FEELS SO GOOD!!

Excuse me while I give myself a pat on the back. 😀


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