House Inspection: Less Than 12 Hours to Go

OK. It’s taken a lot of stress, effort and tears, and has been hampered by another bout of depression (thanks to a mix of accidental gluten ingestion and the stress levels I’ve been toiling under), but the house has successfully been downgraded from “festering, stinky hell-hole” to “clearly lived-in by small children and borderline hoarders but not an outright health hazard.”

I’m pretty happy with that.

Hubby is still organising the mess in the front room and we’ll have to do one last dust/vaccuum in the morning but otherwise the place is good to go. Plus, hubby has finally – FINALLY – put a bunch of donations in the boot of his car to drop them off somewhere over the weekend (seriously, he goes on and on about not dealing with the clutter but he isn’t exactly “Action Man” about this stuff himself!). The place is definitely more organised and clean than the last few inspections so hopefully the landlord will be impressed.

I mean, look at how clear the living room was for about half an hour before the kids started playing after school!


Not gonna lie, it felt pretty sweet. (For context, this is what it normally looks like when I push tidying down to the bottom of the priorities list:


I domestic good!)

The girls’ room actually has a slight amount of order going on, even though that “order” mostly consists of boxes and baskets randomly stuffed full of crap. The kitchen has a few clear surfaces, although the cockroaches are having another resurgence so I shall be shaking out appliances and laying out borax over the weekend. My room is acceptably higgledy-piggledy and will be fine with a quick straighten/vaccuum first thing. The yards are fine, the bathroom sparkly, the storage room de-cobwebbed and neat.

Mission basically accomplished.

Hopefully we can build on this momentum and maintain a few oases of order in the chaos.

And hopefully the landlord doesn’t decide to raise the rent too far and/or kick us out so he can renovate!!

Update: Wait, no. Hubby has passed out with piles of stuff everywhere and the front door wide open. Looks like I have another hour of cleaning ahead of me before I can sleep tonight…

Needless to say, he owes me BIG TIME for this!!


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