House Inspection: T – 5 Days



My life right now is all about fussing and cleaning and sorting faster than the kids can mess it up again. I basically tidy one room enough to distract Miss 2 with a box of random toys on the floor, to buy myself enough time to tidy another room enough to clean walls and vaccuum a section, by which time Miss 2 is bored and wanders in – to be distracted by another pile of toys, at which point I dash back into the other room, quickly throw things back in that bucket, and dust/vaccuum a section in there. Rinse. Repeat. And it’s not much better when Miss 6 gets home from school (although thankfully it’s not much worse either).

To say it’s exhaustingly frustrating is an understatement.

Yesterday the hubster took both girls out to the park for a couple of hours and I got so much done! Sadly it was just the tip of the iceberg though, thanks to the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be moved around.

I grabbed this tub fully expecting it to be able to contain all the random small toys in the kitchen, living room and girls’ room. This is what it looked like after my pass through the kitchen and living room only:


On the plus side, there’s a full garbage bag right next to it that was sent to the kerb last night. Yay! On the minus side… yeesh. That is so much freaking stuff to go through (eventually) – not to mention the equally full smaller tub behind it. And the several other boxes and tubs scattered liberally around the house.

I am the clutter-bucket queen.


Thankfully my new pottering-fu is making slow but steady progress. There’s currently a lot more clear space in the kitchen, for example, with a couple of new organisational protocols in place. Our hallway is still full of dollhouses, but the shelving in the girls’ room is all clean and sparkly and starting to have things put back into it. I have thrown out a bunch of rubbish and put aside a few things to sell/give to charity. I’m finally caught up on the dishes again after a few days of de-emphasising them.

Plus hubby did a bunch of work on the yard on Saturday and it’s looking the best it’s been since my oldest’s birthday party last November. I’m so glad I left that up to him! There were a couple of crumpled tarps on the ground that housed a few cranky huntsmen. *shudder* I hate startling those guys.

I think tomorrow will be all about resting and strategising and only doing stuff if the urge takes me.

And cleaning up the mess my kids make in the morning…


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