House Inspection: T – 7 Days

I have strongly mixed feelings about rental house inspections.

On the one hand, it’s shitty having to let the landlord in to examine the place. It reminds you that while this might be your home, it’s someone else’s house – and permanency is never a given.

On the other? It forces me to do deep cleaning jobs like washing the walls and hauling furniture around to make sure the floor isn’t too grimy and actually dusting the blinds, curtains and light fixtures. And hubby and I freely admit that we need that extra kick of accountability to get shit like that done.

That being said, although it’s only a week away I’ve found it hard to stay motivated today. I managed to clear off the top of the craft cabinet in the kitchen and give the floor underneath a good clean. And I got a big tub to throw all the little toys from the kitchen and living room into. And I pulled all the dollhouses out into the hallway so I can clean and vaccuum the girls’ room properly before putting them back.


I counted twenty of the damn things. Twenty. Plus a couple of garages, aeroplanes and pirate ships.

And the sucky thing? My kids play with all of them, so I can’t easily get rid of any of them if I wanted to. It’s nothing like in all the parenting books where they say to just sneak things out and your kids will forget they ever had them in the first place. My kids always remember. There would be tears and recriminations for months.

So for now I’m going to try the whole rotation system, where they get stashed away and new ones can only be taken out if old ones are returned. We do actually have the room for that, if we can organise them well enough.

Assuming the landlord doesn’t kick us out, anyway…

On a happier note, I hope everyone is having/has had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! I surprised hubby and the girls with bacon, and heart- and flower-shaped pancakes this morning.


They were so excited! And then we discovered that the flowers could be cut up into four smaller hearts.


I’m so glad I held on to those big metal sandwich cutters! They made such good moulds for this sort of thing.

Then hubby took us out to the local pub for dinner after a hard day of cleaning (and playing, and watching movies). That’ll do nicely.

Now to get up and keep cleaning the kitchen. Tomorrow? Finish the girls’ room and living room. Mode of attack: empty all the small stuff; clean from top to bottom; put back essentials; leave the rest in buckets to sort properly at a later date.

And get the girls to start cleaning the walls in the hallway. They love anything where they get to spray water!


7 thoughts on “House Inspection: T – 7 Days

    1. Ha ha! Will see what I can do. 😉

      We’ll probably be renting all our lives. Anywhere we actually want to live is so expensive here! Would need to save about $100K just for the deposit. 😥


    1. Ack! Not cool. Last time we had to move I told my husband that my job was to keep the toddler occupied while HE did all the packing with his dad. I just couldn’t handle it! Thankfully our landlord is a decent guy and this is his old family home (technically still owned by his mum) so it won’t be sold out from under us. We could still be kicked out for (long overdue!) renovations though…

      And thanks! 🙂 I loved surprising the girls with them.


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