Wednesday Recipe: Chocolate Fudgey Sesame Paste

Oh wow! I’m actually posting this on a Wednesday!! Are you excited? I’m excited.

So the title probably grabbed your attention. Here are some more reasons to be excited: not only is this the usual gluten- and dairy-free but it’s also vegan, basically raw, nut-free and has no refined cane sugar.

And it’s freaking delicious.


This started out life as an attempt to recreate a chocolate/tahini spread that I bought at our local Asian grocery store, but with less sugar.

2015/02/img_1819.jpg(This stuff)

I couldn’t justify the expense of buying more even though it’s basically a nut-free Nutella (and therefore school-friendly) and the kids LOVED it. So I figured I’d try to make it myself. How hard could it be, right?

I’m trying to severely cut back on our refined sugar intake so searched the cupboards for an alternative. I think honey would have worked really well – because tahini and honey is basically perfection – but had a packet of coconut sugar I’d bought on a whim and had been meaning to crack out for a while now so finally opened it to taste.


OH MY FREAKING GOD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!! Such a rich, delicious, unrefined sugar. I suspected the caramel overtones would go really well with a sesame/cacao blend (even though it would be much heavier than the spread I was trying to emulate) and yes, I was right – and this decision lead to an entirely unexpected creation…


Only makes about 1/3 cup, so feel free to double up! I used small amounts since it was an experiment…

1/2 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 tbsp finely grated coconut sugar
1 1/2 tbsp hot water (from the tap is fine)
Dash vanilla extract
1/4 cup tahini


– Measure the cacao powder into a bowl.

– In another bowl, dissolve the coconut sugar in the water, then pour it into the cacao and add the vanilla extract. Stir to form a lovely chocolatey sauce.


– Add the tahini and stir well. It should transform from a liquid:


To a fudgey ball of goop about the consistency of mashed dates:

2015/02/img_1858.jpg(nb. I did try adding some coconut oil but it just refused to mix in. That’s what the excess oil in this bowl is all about.)

And that, my friends, is it. Keep it at room temperature to maintain a thick spread-like consistency or refrigerate for more of a firm paste. I literally invented this today so am going to check in the morning to see if longer refrigeration will make it set into a firmer fudge, in which case stay tuned for more recipes! I reckon it will work well as a caramel substitute in slices. *rubs hands with glee*

Added bonus

Replacing the tahini with coconut oil makes a great icing for biscuits!

My 6yo really wanted to act out a cooking show with some of her toys this afternoon so both girls came up with their own variation of this recipe. I have no idea what the ratios were, but they mixed up cacao powder, coconut sugar, vanilla extract and coconut oil then added oh-so-healthy hundreds and thousands to the mix.

2015/02/img_1854.jpg(NEEDS MOAR SPRINKLES!)

And dipped bickies in.

2015/02/img_1851.jpg(Zoe the dog tasting her creation)

It was actually really quite yummy! Would be great fun to mix up and coat treats with at a party.

For a healthier option, though, we smeared the fudge-paste on apple slices for dessert this evening. Gotta love “treats” that love you back!




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