Brain Fog

I’m seriously starting to question whether the meds are worth it.

Sure, my moods are more stable – I’m not breaking down into tears all the time or having frustration-induced panic attacks. That is undoubtedly a Good Thing. I’m able to brush off irritations better and just soldier through rough moments without taking it too much to heart.

But I’m tired all the time (like, more than usual). And it’s even harder to focus on things and make plans – and then stick to them! I find myself not caring so much about keeping up to date with my blog (can’t even be bothered to share a recipe for Wednesday Recipe this week). It’s liberating, but at the same time frustrating and disappointing – but then I don’t care so much about being frustrated or disappointed, which is also disappointing and weird.

I’m not sure whether I should try to fight the ennui or just coast with it. I feel like I’ve been coasting for ages now though, but then fighting against the fog just seems like A LOT of effort.

Bah! Depression is a shit. I think we can all agree on that.

(Meanwhile, this post is brought to you from my laptop. Look at me being all industrious and professional-like!)


5 thoughts on “Brain Fog

  1. Well done on getting twitter hooked up!
    Depression present in my camp despite not being welcome at all. That dilemma of whether to coast through or fight is an ongoing one, isn’t it. I feel like I have been coasting for years.

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  2. Ahh the twitter feed has now

    sorry your feeling blah, the meds can take a couple of weeks to kick in, but your self aware which helps, coast if that’s what you need to do.

    Blooming depression it always turns up like a bad penny, please don’t stop writing:)

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