January in Review

So far, 2015 is off to a decent start. As per my resolutions this year, I am actively avoiding reading too much stuff and just doubling down on what I already know, and I have sorted through four boxes from my back room (plus a couple of bonus bits and pieces on top of that). Apart from that my goal-setting mojo is still pretty average though. I think the anti-depressants I’m on now fuzz out my already-struggling strategic thinking skills, making it even harder to break things down into logical steps and plan things in advance. I have, however, made an interesting discovery about how best to work with my own head:

I need to let go of my desire to get from A to B in a logical, direct manner and just let myself potter.

Sure I don’t always get the intended task done in a timely fashion, but I achieve a lot more in terms of the bigger picture than I do when I’m stressing out about getting distracted all the time.

So for this month, my cleaning goal is to only aim for one task a day and set aside 30min-1hr to potter around that task. To give an example, today my goal was to put away clean dishes and get the kitchen table clear (with a secondary goal of tidying the living room if possible). In the process I also: neatened up two of the craft drawers a little; consolidated some of my sewing supplies; topped up my citrus-infused vinegar spray with two fresh batches that I had honestly forgotten about! dug out of the cupboard; also topped up my lemon oil/black tea dusting spray; took the recycling out; brushed away some old cobwebs from above the front door; watered the plants; packed up some of the girls’ jewellery into its box; and cleaned the jar of the candle we keep on the table for full family dinners. PLUS I did indeed get all the clean dishes away and clear the table.

I got all that done in about an hour of pottering to and fro and going with the new trains of thought and distractions rather than trying to block them out and stay focussed on the task at hand. Of course, I doubt I could get all that done every day and it was a HUGE help that hubby had taken the girls out for a bit, but I really think I’m onto something here…

…which is great considering we have a damn house inspection in three weeks. Ah, the joys of renting! I am choosing to see it as an immutable end point to set as a goal to get more decluttering and deep cleaning done. Also, the inevitable rent rise to follow can be extra impetus to get some form of income happening. Speaking of which…

I left it too late to apply for the writing job a friend alerted me to a while back. This really bummed me out – until I searched around on that particular job-listing site and found a far more promising lead instead! It’s for freelance proofreaders and it looks like they’re happy to train people on the job too. I’m writing up my CV and will apply tomorrow. If that pans out it will be pretty much ideal for what I want to be doing right now. Fingers crossed!

All in all things are ticking along quite well in the House of Meg. Hopefully I can build on that through February.

No, scratch that – I will build on that through February! You hear that Meg? All systems go, lady!


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