Wednesday(ish) Recipe: Vegan Mozzarella

Yes I’m late again. I think we’ve established that punctuality is not my thing.

Moving right along…

A friend of mine recently shared this recipe for vegan mozzarella on her Facebook page. I immediately bookmarked it and intended to make pizza as soon as humanly possible. JOY! I miss pizza. It’s just not the same with no gluten. And no cheese. And no joy…

Anyhoo, I was all psyched to make it this evening but ran out of puff mid-afternoon so settled on throwing some leftover bolognese sauce together with beans and rice and topping with this gooey, tapioca-based deliciousness as a bit of a pot pie experiment.


In one word: YUM! It formed a pretty good crust and was nicely oozy underneath. I think I’ll boil the cashews next time though – they were still a little gritty despite the four-hour soak.

The rest of the family remain unconvinced but it really hit the spot for me. I’ll definitely play around with it some more to see if I can win them over.


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