Back to school tomorrow

Back to the grind of implacable routine. Back to the stress of getting everyone up and out the door on time each morning. Back to the embarrassment of constant late notes from the office when we inevitably fail. Back to wishing we weren’t “that family.” Back to all the effort of packing lunches – just to see them not eaten anyway. Back to trying to find other school-parents I click with and dutiful play dates and having to fit my days around drop off and pick up.


I’d so homeschool if I were more organised. I HATE having to fit around the school day. If it went from 10.15 til 4, instead of 9.15 til 3, there would be no issue. I really resent how “morning lark”-focussed the world is.

Here’s a poem in honour of the impending dread of tomorrow morning. I memorised it for a talent show in primary school and it seems so appropriate right now. I’d much rather spend all day painting and playing with ducks and going on family shopping trips than dragging myself out the door on time every day too!

I don’t want to go to school mum

by Pam Ayres

I don’t want to go to school Mum
I want to stay at home with my duck.
I’d rather stay home with you Mum,
And hit the skirting board with my truck.
Don’t make me go to school today Mum,
I’ll sit here quite on the stairs
Or I’ll sit underneath the table
Scratching all the varnish off the chairs.

I don’t want to go to school Mum,
When I could be underneath your feet.
It’s shopping day and we could go together
Taking twice as long to get to Regent Street.
And every time you stop to talk to someone
I won’t let you concentrate, no fear,
I’ll be jumping up and down beside you
Shouting ‘Can I have some sweets Mum?’ in your ear.

Or how about me doing a bit of painting?
Or what about a bit of cutting out?
Or sitting in the open bedroom window
Body in and legs sticking out?
Or what about us going up the park Mum?
Or how about me sitting in the sink?
Or what about me making you a cake Mum?
And Mum. Hey Mum. Mum can I have a drink?

Mum what’s that at the bottom of the cupboard?
And Mum, what’s that bag you put down there?
And hey Mum watch me jump straight off the sofa,
And Mum, whose dog is that stood over there?
What you doing Mum? Peeling potatoes?
Sit me on the drainer watching you
I wouldn’t mind me trousers getting wet Mum,
Oh I aren’t half fed up. What can I do?

What time is Daddy coming home Mum?
What’s in that long packet? Sausage Meat?
How long is it before he comes Mum?
And Mum. Hey Mum. What can I have to eat?
Oh sorry Mum. I’ve upset me Ribena.
Oh look. It’s making quite a little pool.
Hey Mum, hey, where we going in such a hurry?
Oh Mum. Hey Mum, you’re taking me to SCHOOL.

*I should note, my 6yo is SO EXCITED to be going back. I just needed to vent for my own benefit…


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