It is done!

And only two weeks late…

Ta-da! *cue jazz hands*


I tied off the final loose end literally minutes before the friend I was making it for knocked on my door. I’m pretty happy with it – as is my friend! She said it was almost too good to give to her work colleague.

I’ll have to write out the pattern and make note of the few details that didn’t quite work how I wanted them to (the lid definitely needs tweaking). The whole exercise was a lot of fun though: there’s something about making up a pattern on the fly and seeing it all come together that is immensely satisfying.

So with that unfinished task no longer hanging over my head, I can finally get stuck into 2015!

We have another month of school holidays ahead of us so my main priority right now is cleaning (while I don’t have to stress about packing lunches and herding children to and from school twice a day).

While searching for natural ways to deter cockroaches a little while ago I stumbled upon an excellent blog called Housewife How-To’s and on a whim bought Katie’s ebook 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House. It’s simple, straightforward, and includes recipes for homemade household cleaners so is right up my alley! I highly doubt I could get through it in 30 days though. Maybe if I could get an hour or two a day with the kids out of the house, but otherwise it’s just not gonna happen. For now, I’m going to try implementing her Daily Cleaning Routine for the next week and see how that goes. My goal is to be able to do it all in one day by next Monday. Then I can start on the rest of the book with a vengeance.

Speaking of getting the kids out of the house, I’m also thinking of trying to find another local parent to do a babysitting swap with. Hubby was able to take both girls out for a little while unexpectedly yesterday and I got more done in an hour than I’d normally get done in two days! I would really like to get that happening more regularly.

Right. I’ll take the rest of this evening off and then it’s down to business tomorrow. Will let you know how I go!


6 thoughts on “It is done!

  1. De-cluttering is brilliant, and it also makes the mind clearer and once done is easy to maintain.

    Sharing childcare also good, and can give you free time perhaps a few of you can get together and start something.

    Welcome to 2015. 🙂

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