Starlight, Starbright

I wish I had the equipment (and skills!) to take a good shot of the sky out here! During the day it is a vast ocean of blue with storm clouds racing across it. My parents’ house sits partway up a big hill so you can look out across the village and rolling fields to mountains in the distance. During tumultuous weather you can watch the approaching storm advance towards you (or just rumble ineffectually in the distance) while all the birds madly dash for cover.

But at night it is simply spectacular. This evening is crystal clear and the stars are eye-poppingly bright. I could see the distinct kite of the Pleiades and the smudges of the large and small Magellanic Clouds on my walk to the motel we’re staying at. The major stars in Orion were outright twinkling at me and all the faint stars around it were clear as clear can be. It makes my soul do a happy shiver looking up at a night sky like that! The biggest downside to living in Sydney for me is the light pollution at night.

Now I’m waiting for all the kids to fall asleep properly so I can plant their stockings from “Santa” (whose handwriting looks surprisingly like my own):


I can’t wait to see their faces in the morning!! Christmas really is way more fun with kids around. The tree is covered with awkwardly draped tinsel and handmade ornaments, including this little corker assembled by my two year old:


Gingerbread man literally can’t even…

I can though! Bring on the morning, with bowls of fruit and champagne breakfast and mounds of new toys and outfits and activities to play with together.

I love Christmas so much. Can you tell?


4 thoughts on “Starlight, Starbright

    1. The dolls actually look like the girls they’re for, with my big and little blondies and my brunette niece. 😀 I bought them a few weeks ago and have been BUSTING to show my girls since then!! You know that feeling when you find the perfect present? I love that feeling.


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