Operation 6th Birthday Party: T-14.5 Hours


The yard is clean-ish. The house is clean-ish (mostly thanks to my best bud who came over unprompted and worked her cleaning magic! So grateful). Vague list of activities and run times formulated in my head. Half the necessary stuff for said activities outside; the rest is scattered but accessible. Hubby went to the local Bunnings and bought a bunch of cheap outdoor chairs, tarps to string up as shade, and assorted other bits and pieces to make everything easier. My mum is here to help keep kidlets entertained while we keep setting up in the morning. I got a haircut today. I know exactly what I want to do for the cake (it’s gonna be awesome!) and have a plan for nibbles.

That being said, I still have not done any grocery shopping. It’s going to have to be a mad dash in the morning, probably just around the corner rather than to cheaper stores further afield. I have no party bags made, nor have I gone through our supplies to see what we need in terms of plates, cups, etc. I’ve also not cleared out the front room as much as I thought I would or culled pre-existing toys. It’s going to be a nightmare with the influx of new stuff!!

Still, actually able to feel a bit excited underneath the dull panic. I think we’ll have a heap of fun. And if not, we’ll just make sure we have enough wine to keep the parents happy anyway…


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