Operation 6th Birthday Party: Progress Report


*deep breath*


Why did I think having the party here was a good idea? Why did I think inviting the whole class was a good idea? What is wrong with me? Where will they all fit? Where will the parents all fit? How will I entertain them for 2.5 hours? WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!!

Oh, and also?


Stinking hot AND rain forecast. Sure, it’s a water play party, but we have limited shade at that time of day and even less shelter. People will have to come inside.

Oh, and also? MY YOUNGEST FELL DOWN OUR FREAKING BACK STAIRS THE OTHER DAY! “Big deal!” you’re thinking. “Kids fall down stuff all the time.” Well these are the stairs in question:


She tripped on the third one, tumbled, then slid upside down on her back with her head bouncing from step to step for the lest few. She is somehow OK apart from some bruises and wicked scrapes (pretty sure she’s part Wolverine at this point) but her fall has ratcheted my normal fears about these stairs up to 11. How am I supposed to enjoy this party and be a gracious host while obsessively monitoring every child whenever they have to go up or down these things? With wet feet, no less!

If I make it through this party alive it will be a freaking miracle…


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