Just FYI

This week’s Sunday Soapbox isn’t so much delayed as cancelled now. Frustrating technological issues resulted in a lost post (after a decent chunk of work was put into it) and I just cannot face staying up even later to type it all out again.


Instead, here’s three things I’m grateful for today:

1. A good friend who recently moved away is now moving back, as things didn’t work out how they planned (she didn’t really want to leave anyway so everyone is happy about this).

2. During all the sorting last night I found some little Dr Seuss “flip the flap” books that were the first books my oldest ever let me read to her (prior to that she would scream at me and try to grab books out of my hands whenever I attempted it). I reintroduced them to her this afternoon – and she read them to me. ❤ Not gonna lie, I got a little teary.

3. We threw out about a quarter of all the stuff in our front room last night. Half of the rest will be boxed up and donated to charity (I've given up on the idea of selling anything. Just want it out the door!). I just now rearranged what is left so that the stuff that we're definitely keeping is mostly on the shelves – and took a moment to enjoy the extra floor space. Hopefully we can get all the donations out tomorrow and really let the room air and breathe for the first time in years. Feels pretty darn great.


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