Current goals check-in

Well, the slightly bloaty feeling I had after my wonderful gnocchi the other night turned out to actually be the onset of the tummy bug my oldest had just gotten over. Joy. Plus it kicked in for my youngest at the same time, so I had a spewy, sooky toddler to deal with at the same time. Double joy! Thank goodness hubby could stay home to help out.

Feeling vaguely human again now though so I’ll take a moment to check in with my current goals – so often when I get sick it throws things out of whack for days afterwards. I don’t want that to happen now!!



Still focussing on drinking more water and less coffee. It’s also time to start dialling back on the sugar and junk – I will come up with a firm game plan for this after my oldest’s birthday party.

Meal planning and eating leftovers is going pretty well so it’s time to take it up a notch:

Each Sunday I’ll do a stocktake of the fridge and pantry to get a firm idea of what needs to be used up or added to the shopping list. I’ll also try to set regular shopping days to pin the week around, but that’s a secondary focus.


Getting better at not drinking caffeine after about 2pm. Not so good with the mindful breathing before bed. The real issue is that once the kids are asleep my brain gets all excited about being able to do what it wants without interruption. I don’t *want* to wind down! Will think on this some more…


Stretching before and after bed is going well, although I haven’t been roughhousing with the kids as much as I would like. I am, however, making a point of power-walking up to the school for drop-off and pick-up, with my youngest in the pram and the oldest on her scooter. It’s mostly uphill and takes at least ten minutes so ends up being quite a good workout. I’ve been noticing an improvement in stamina and have lost a little waist circumference.

Still haven’t dug out our cross trainer yet though. I’ll take the pressure off a bit and aim to have that set up by the next school holidays (when I won’t be forced out of the house twice a day, every day).


My depression is becoming increasingly less mild, with episodes lasting longer and going darker each time. I think my brain isn’t appreciating all the work I’ve been doing to change it lately! Plus the kids have been butting heads more as my youngest gets older and I’m finding it all a lot more stressful. Am seeing my doctor next week to discuss options.

On the plus side, I reached out on a local parenting page on Facebook recently and may have found a fellow depressive SAHM who lives in walking distance who would like a motivation buddy. That’s a little bit exciting.


Day to day

Still tracking my finances but haven’t managed to list anything to sell yet. I’ll prioritise that after the party too.

Long term

I’ve started tinkering with the concept for a professional page for writing services. Next week I’m chasing up some potential ongoing editing work for a local small business! She’s a really sweet working mum who wants to support other local parents and reckons she can hook me up with other work as well. I do hope something comes of this: I really enjoy editing other people’s writing. It doesn’t even feel like work! More like a puzzle to be solved.


Ongoing maintenance

All still really random. I just cannot conquer the “I DON’T WANNA!” scream that gets in the way when I consciously try to cultivate housework habits. It’s exhausting!

New approach: Work on one room a day and do at least one thing in it. Try to sneak up on stuff when the opportunity arises to trick my brain out of sabotaging things the way it does when I make a conscious decision to clean. Anything else is a bonus.

Culling and Organising

I still don’t have a proper craft space set up for the kids, although I’ve moved the easel into the kitchen and it’s actually getting a lot of use now. It’s definitely on the cards for this weekend (as part of the preparations for big Miss’s party) but I’m not sure how successful we’ll be if we’re all still a bit wiped out from this damn tummy bug.

On the plus side, I’ve had a few “brain snap” moments recently and ruthlessly thrown a bunch of things out. The bathroom in particular is way less cluttered and more streamlined now. Hopefully I can build on this momentum!

Family Life


Overall things are ticking along OK here. Not as well as I’d like, but OK. Instead of aiming for specific quotas of types of play, though, my new goal is:

Say “yes” to at least one thing you’d rather say “no” to for each child each day.

I know there’s a fun mum in there somewhere! Time to force her out again.

General Organising

6th Birthday Party! Nine days to go.

Thanks to our working bee last weekend the backyard is almost ready. I have a shortlist of activities and supplies I need to gather together. House cleaning is slowly progressing but should be much further along by the end of this weekend (hopefully!).

So that’s where things are at right now. Small progress in some areas, lots of potential in others, completely falling apart in others. I still feel kind of helpless to change anything in some aspects of my life (looking at YOU, housework!). I’m thinking I need to back off and break it down even more, into even teensier baby steps. Clearly my successful goal-setting-fu still needs more work…

How about you, dear reader/accountability partner? Any life goals you’re working towards at the moment?


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