Operation 6th Birthday Party: The Lowdown


My oldest Miss is turning 6 in three weeks! The original plan was to have a party the weekend after her birthday. I’d been thinking that way for a while now and was all set to start inviting people at the start of last week, patting myself on the back for being organised enough to give everyone a month’s notice.

Then two other girls in her class gave out their invites for parties on the same weekend.


I was very tempted to have our party on the Friday, after school, but decided not to be “that guy” who piles on to pre-existing plans and forces kids to either pick and choose or be utterly broken by the end of the weekend. So instead, I brought our party forward a week.

Meaning I have a week less than I thought to get everything organised.


Mental note: aim for six week’s notice next year.

As I covered before the last party I planned, I tend to get just a tad stressed out in the lead up to events like this. This party in particular will break new ground seeing as she’s invited her whole kindy class, meaning there is likely to be 20+ kids there (all her parties in the past have only involved about 5-10 kids). Now that I’ve lost that extra week the palpitations are really starting to kick in!

So, here’s where I’m at right now:

– Virtual invitations were sent out to parents last weekend and about 90% of kids were handed paper invitations yesterday. I have a note on my phone where I’m keeping a list of RSVPs as they come in (particularly chuffed about this – I never think to write it down on the go and scramble to draw up a list a day or two before the party).

– It’s going to be a Water Play party in our backyard on a Sunday afternoon, with wading pools/buckets, water bombs, a sprinkler and a two-person slip’n’slide at our disposal. I still have to sit down and work out actual activities and plan out how and when we’ll set things up, as our yard will turn into a total mud pit if it’s just a free-for-all for two hours!

– The yard itself has been fairly neglected for the last few months so is completely overrun with weeds. Plus, we had a pretty bad rat problem last summer so I’ve been wanting to clear out any enticing nest-like areas before the heat kicks in again anyway (and discourage any rodents from trying the slip’n’slide out themselves!). I’ve been doing bits and pieces of weeding over the last couple of weeks but it’s a pretty huge job so I’ve called in the cavalry and have a few friends coming over tomorrow for a working bee. I’m actually quite looking forward to it! We have such a nice outdoor area – it will be great to really get stuck into it and make it fun to use again.

– I want the general living areas of my house to be as pristine as possible. I’m really not a “keeping up with the Joneses” type of person but I at least don’t want to feel embarrassed to let these other parents I only know superficially into my house. I’d like to project an image of “fun and creative yet organised and clean.” At the moment it’s more “scatter-brained hoarder and oh god where’s that smell coming from?!” Definitely room for improvement…

– We need to cull a bunch of my daughter’s toys before the deluge of new presents arrives. I will grab a box and work with her to fill it and take it to a charity shop over the next two weeks while we’re cleaning (I really mean it this time!!).

– Our budget is pretty tight so I’m going to have to be quite strict and creative with food and activities. I’ll research and pull ideas together over the next weekend and come up with as detailed a game plan as I can manage. I also need to draw up a short-list of present ideas to distribute to the relatives.

So exciting! I want this to be the best party ever for my not-so-little Miss. Game face: engaged.


8 thoughts on “Operation 6th Birthday Party: The Lowdown

    1. Yep. Food is generally my biggest downfall. I get carried away with ideas that are way too complicated to execute properly without completely losing my sanity and end up with tons of leftovers. Am determined to keep it simple this time!

      And I’ve already got a long list of activities to whittle down, but a small table with a tea set to play pouring games with is definitely on the cards.

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