New Weekly Features

So even though the daily writing commitment of NaBloPoMo was too much pressure, I’m going to try out a couple of weekly features of my own to help structure things and cultivate some writing discipline.

Wednesday Recipe

Each Wednesday I will share a recipe I have tried out that week, or one that I regularly enjoy using. It could be food, or home cleaning products, or beauty products, or even life hacks that help me break through my procrastination barriers. Some will be my own creations and some will be inspired by others. All will be self-tested. And awesome.

Sunday Review Sunday Soapbox

Edit: After fleshing out a few ideas I hit upon a catchier name for this feature.

Each Sunday I will reflect back and muse upon all sorts of discoveries and life stuff in general. This one is still a bit amorphous at this stage. I just know I have a lot of budding blog posts in my head and need an outlet to pull them into shape and get them out on the screen in an orderly fashion.

If you’d care to join me on either or both of these endeavours then feel free to pile on! Maybe I’ll submit them as official blogging events.

Speaking of such things, I’m liking the look of these weekly challenges at the moment too. Will see if I can find the time and headspace to join in when I can.

Motivation Mondays

Three Things Thursday

Micro Bookendsreally love the look of this one!

My oldest girl’s birthday party is fast approaching though, so I need to knuckle down and pull my focus back on organising that. Update to follow soon!


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