…Aaaaaaand I missed another day

You know what? Let’s just drop it. NaBloPoMo is officially a bust.

It was a bit optimistic of me to attempt it, really. Basically, I have to cut into sleep/rest time to write at the moment. That was fine during school holidays – much easier to sleep in or catch naps here and there or at least doze on the couch while the kids watch TV – but when I simply have to get out of the house on time twice a day (school drop off and pick up) something’s got to give. We’ve already firmly established how disorganised I am: maybe I should fix that before I commit to daily posts!

(You watch though – now that I’ve said that I’m sure I’ll get a wind up me and post every day anyway…)

I would like another blogging event or two to join, however. Something to pin the week around that others are doing too. Any suggestions?

Quick aside: “optimistic” wasn’t the exact word I really wanted to use earlier but while I was searching my dictionary/thesaurus app for the synonym that escapes me (couldn’t work it out) I read this fascinating blog post about the letter “a.” Also? According to this slideshow queue = coda = the tail of a beast.

Mind = blown

Remind me to spend more time faffing around on dictionary sites in future!


6 thoughts on “…Aaaaaaand I missed another day

  1. Although I’ve managed it so far, I’m feeling the same way! I can inevitably forsee my NaBloPoMo going the way of the dodo. I’m just too busy. I feel frantic coming home from work each day and trying to get a post out whilst sorting my life out and preparing for another day, I’m already exhausted. I’m going to keep going with it but not beat myself up when I probably end up quitting, and you shouldn’t either! 🙂

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  2. Dictionary.com is so much fun >.<

    I would cheer you on, dear, but I've fallen off the wayside myself. I come back from Halloween and discover that Blogging201 has itself passed on, ugh.

    Happy thoughts, though. There are HUNDREDS of features and blog hops out there. I'm sure you'll find a great one that you can really sink your teeth into.

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  3. Hey Meg, I feel ya. And I think it’s practicaly as hard to not do the blog thing as it is to do it. Truth be told, I could stay at my laptop for days, like Penny on the tv show Big Bang Theory after getting addicted to online video games: she wears her bathrobe for *much* of the day, and eats Cheetos out of her hair. Guess that would be the far end of that scale.

    I may take Blogging 101 again, if I can get all my ducks in a row and conjoin (is that a word beyond human being twins?) two blogs, and delete another. I stumbled and fell at the end of 101. Meaning, I sat down in the middle of the trail we were on and said, Fuck it. I am DONE! And let a few tears out that made a grimey mess on my dirty, war-fatigued face. Then I walked back down the trail and picked up my dropped canteen and refolded my tent, etc. I’m okay now but I want to take blog 101 again so that I can get a good, solid foundation and revisit anything I missed, or misunderstood.

    OMG I’m writing about me! Again! I’m sorry!! It’s just, you’re easy to talk to. And you’ve been compassionate. But God! this is post-length! I just am not doing posts while I revamp my blogs but wanted to connect with you. Of the One Lovely Blog award, you. 😉


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    1. Eh heh heh! Write about yourself all you want, you fascinating creature. 🙂

      I love Big Bang Theory, and that episode is one of my favourites. I’ve totally gone through periods like that in the past. I think the number one thing I miss about life pre-babies is the ability to just get lost in an activity for hours/days on end. One day I will be able to do that again…

      I was pretty happy with what I got out of 101 (apart from all the widget stuff – if it can’t be done on my phone it ain’t getting done!) but I reckon I’ll get stuck into 201 again next time it rolls around. Good luck! *refills your canteen and adds a box of freshly-baked muffins for the trip*

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