Seven lessons learned from the worst garage sale ever

1. Two days is not enough time to organise a garage sale from scratch – especially with little kids to look after and a husband working over-time as well.

2. We have way too much crap. Like, even more than I previously thought. Seriously,




Our yard was full of stuff but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

3. I really think it would take less effort to get used to the idea of giving/throwing stuff away than trying to make any of our money back. We had everything out in our yard for about 6 hours and got rid of maybe one plastic shopping bag’s worth of stuff.

We made $33…

At last I can retire from this life of crime!

4. People don’t enjoy rummaging in full sun at lunchtime.

5. I’m definitely getting better at letting go of things. I dragged out my jewellery box that I’ve barely opened in the last six years and only took a handful of precious things back into the house. It felt pretty good to divest myself of all that sentimental baggage (not that much of it actually sold).

6. I wish I lived somewhere cooler. It’s only the middle of Spring and the heat and humidity yesterday was fucking disgusting (if you’ll excuse my language). Not looking forward to Summer one bit!!


7. I need to sit down and refine my current goals even more. I’m finding myself so overwhelmed by everything again after this very disappointing weekend. Time to hit the books for inspiration, break everything down into even smaller, more specific steps and re-jig my priorities in the lead-up to the end of the year.

Ooh yes! Bonus lesson: homemade lemonade is easy and delicious. Will definitely be making more of that this summer!


10 thoughts on “Seven lessons learned from the worst garage sale ever

  1. I’m sorry to hear your garage sale didn’t go well. I’m constantly trying to get rid of stuff and I keep thinking one day I will succeed, but I’ve been at this since my daughter was born almost 20 years ago. It’s like the laundry–never-ending. I don’t know where all the stuff comes from, I rarely buy anything anymore. I guess I can blame the kids :p

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  2. Perhaps Fall is a better season for garage sales? What about selling things to the thrift store or donating?

    I too have a love-hate relationship with hoarding, I think more so now that I’m a blogger because now I’m all “No, don’t throw that away, that’d be great in the background!”

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  3. I think I tend towards the opposite problem! I just throw things away when I think they’re useless, cool-as-you-like, without even thinking of how I can help myself make something back or profit with it! I’m probably shooting myself in the foot with it all! I’m trying to make a conscious effort of assessing whether I’d do well trying to sell something before I just bin it! 🙂

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    1. See I really *want* to have your problem!! I just physically cannot throw something out if it’s at all useful – even things like packaging and toilet rolls get put aside for craft projects. It’s just getting too ridiculous now though. Waaaay too much cleaning and organising and decision-making involved.

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  4. The idea of organizing my crap for a gar-bahge sale puts me in high stress mode, especially after I hear you only made $33! Ouch! It’s easier for me to get the Goodwill bags and throw the items in and take it to the Goodwill center. I still have to make list of the items and get the receipt. At least I can write it off on taxes as a donation. Good luck with your next one 🙂

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  5. Sounds a familiar story. I too have a lot of things to dispose of … my problem is I do not like to throw it out thinking of how I would pollute the environment as we do not have good recycling systems here. So I tend to keep them in case I find someone who wants them !! I need to make a list pack them and and go distribute them to homes etc ..Maybe I will clear out all by year end too Happy sorting to us.

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      1. I should have called out before .. Snap! .. says it all huh!
        SNAP now .. we enjoy the same game.
        Cheers … and thanks for introducing me to a word that says it all – outside the deck of cards.


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