10 Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

Phwoar! These look AMAZING. We might have to throw a surprise Halloween gathering this year so I can justify making them all…

Fit Loose Health

For the past two years I have dreaded this time of year. Who invented the holiday of sending young children to the doors of strangers asking for candy? I can’t answer that, all I know is people really seem to gear up for Halloween 31 days before Halloween even begins. Candy bowls show up on office desks, teachers start passing out Halloween treats for correct answers (or even behavior), and before the big night arrives, people have to restock their Halloween candy 2, 3, or even 4 different times.

Why the dread? Well, frankly, we don’t offer candy to our kids, I don’t want to offer it to others either. I understand the motive. I filled up my Halloween bag as kid. I ate until the point of sore teeth and belly. I know the feeling. Our little ones still participate in all the festivities, especially dressing up. I rarely avoid…

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