Operation 2nd Birthday: T-25 hours…

It’s the day before my gorgeous toddler turns two. I have strongly mixed feelings about this. She is such a spunky little toddler! And things with my oldest turned so pear-shaped when she transitioned into a pre-schooler. I don’t want my youngest to change!!


Now I have that out of my system, where am I at?

– Grocery shopping is all done. I did most of it yesterday, actually, and was quite proud of myself for persevering when it got overwhelming. I really wanted to quit and put it off for another day but I pushed through anyway. I don’t think I went too overboard with it either – although I’ll wait until I see the leftovers after the party before I make any claims there!

– Presents are all bought and either wrapped or ready to set up tonight for her to wake up to in the morning (I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER FACE!). I even dug out a second-hand wooden toy cot we’ve had sitting in the laundry for ages two days ago and gave it a thorough clean before leaving it out to air in the sun for a day. It’s all sparkly and fresh and ready to be used with the absolutely stunning doll my mum bought for her (don’t worry, there will be photos. Oh so many photos…).

– Jelly shots went into the fridge last night and my friend will be baking the cake this evening. Most of the rest of the food just needs to be chopped or decanted and packed into appropriate containers to take to the park, but my parents will be here to help out with that in the morning. This afternoon I will be boiling some eggs and mini frankfurters and baking some simple cupcakes. I also need to brew up a couple of litres of berry tea and see if my oldest still wants to make lemonade.

– I have not been able to clear a permanent space for her new easel yet. It will be set up in the living room for now and just used for chalk and whiteboard markers. Hopefully I can prioritise that next week.

– I still need to pull together picnic supplies and party bag supplies (I’m thinking I’ll give the kids pretty napkins and invite them to pack their own from the table – I actually dislike all the random crap you often end up with in party bags but my kids are keen to have them so who am I to refuse?), and find the various bits of toy tea sets scattered about the place. I know where all the important bits are though so hopefully this won’t take too long!

Overall, I’m feeling confident I can actually pull off this party with minimal stress. I’m already way more organised than I normally am this close to a party. There’s still A LOT to do though so complacency is definitely not on the table (unlike these pretty doilies I made a while back that are now going to be used as bunting):


Wish me luck!


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