Make Play Time Core Time-Quick Ab Workouts with the Baby

I already do some of this stuff with my youngest (who isn’t so little anymore!) and it is awesome fun for both of us. I love what Fit Loose Health is doing and have signed up for their movement challenge next month. Anyone else wanna join in?

Fit Loose Health

This video is a special one for other moms of little ones. Staying with the kiddos can sometimes result in less exercise or movement in order to meet the demands of feeding, reading, rocking, napping, diapering, potty time, laundry, cleaning, toys, crafts, etc.

Play time can be core time.

Try some of these moves with really little ones. Mix it up, make it fun, it should feel like a game.

1, 2, 3, GO MOVE is about incorporating movement into your daily schedule. It isn’t about finding 2 hours for gym time or scrambling to find time to workout. It simply means move more with what you are already doing.

Join our movement to move more by taking part in the upcoming 30 Day Daily Movement Challenge:

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