Operation 2nd Birthday: Progress Report


One week away from party time and so far – I seem to be following my usual pattern.


Where I’m at:

– At this point everyone has been invited but I still need to confirm with a few of them. I really wanted to design a proper invitation to email around but thanks to my abysmal computer skills it was just taking too long to sit down and actually DO it so I let that pipe dream go and did the usual Facebook event/text message combo. Whatever. At least everyone who needs them has the details.

– I’ve arranged for a friend to bake the cake: a rainbow cake with pink icing in the shape of a balloon. Little Miss is still walking around saying “Me party? Balloon? Cake?” but the last bit generally comes out more like “Balloon cake?” so I thought it would be fun to have an actual balloon cake for her (and it’ll be gluten- and dairy-free so I can eat it too!). I really wanted to make it myself but there would just be no way to guarantee she wouldn’t see it before the party so I had to relinquish that task to my good friend instead.

– I know the big presents I want her to get: an easel and gym mat from IKEA (and possibly their balance beam, although I’m thinking that might be better for Big Miss’s upcoming 6th birthday instead) and a good quality doll with changeable clothes. Now I need to talk to grandparents to see if they want to pitch in for those or if they had other plans. I will talk to them tomorrow (we also have a really cute fairy outfit I bought for her a while ago and I’m going to ask her sister to maybe draw her a picture or something).

– Since she is a huge fan of pretend tea parties I’ve pitched it as afternoon tea at the park and invited everyone to bring tea sets and toys with them. I’ll have a big urn of her favourite berry tea so people can fill their pots and have fun pouring it out into tiny tea cups to sip. There are picnic tables at the park so I’ll gather up my nice table toppers and cloth napkins, and also make some bunting (I am determined to not buy anything new for this party!!).

– I have a HUGE list of possible nibbles to serve that I need to whittle down. This is where the budget tends to blow out the most and where the most waste occurs because I want to have ALL THE YUMMY FOOD at my parties. Just, all of it. We always end up with a completely stuffed fridge for a few weeks after any party and a decent chunk of it ends up going off before we can eat it all. Not this time!

Next Steps:

– Contact family members to see if they want present suggestions (I know my mum was keen on the doll idea).

– Nudge anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d yet.

– Make a shortlist of food ideas and create a shopping list and timeline for preparation.

– Gather up supplies for decorations and food platters and such and see what needs to be cleaned and assembled. Also plan the bunting – can I make time to crochet some or should I just go straight for cloth or paper?

Decisions, decisions…


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